You do not like my master? Then stay away from me

For a long time it was assumed that only people have empathy. But several studies have refuted this.

Dogs feel exactly when someone does not understand well with their master or mistress or wants to do harm.

Some have provoked the reaction themselves, with a friend pretending to beat the master or mistress. Most dogs react with wild barking or defense strategies. If you do not like someone, your dog does not like that person either!

This reaction is not surprising, because dogs are naturally committed to loyalty. They love their family and would do anything for them. If you do not like someone, that person will need to stay away from your dog.

This behavioral pattern was scientifically confirmed. We will take a closer look at this study.

Study confirms: If you do not like someone, then your dog does not like that person either

This study was conducted at the University of Kyoto, with 54 dogs observed in three different scenarios.

In the first situation, the dog owner tries to open a container on which two strangers are standing. One of the strangers does not let the owner open the container, the other stands still next to it.

In the second situation, the dog owner asks for help to open the container. One person helps, the other only observes what is going on.

In the third and final situation there is no communication between the three persons.

Thereafter, the second and third persons were invited to offer food to the dogs in order to gain their trust. The dogs refused to feed those who had treated their owners badly, whether it was their favorite food or not. They only accepted the food of the third person.

For a long time it was assumed that only people have empathy. But these and other studies have refuted this.

Therefore, be very careful how you treat dog owners, because the karma could turn against you!

Why does the master know that his dog likes him?

Let us not fool ourselves, we all want to be defended and feel loved. Dogs are unique in showing emotions no matter what they need to do to prove it.

With several family members, one is not always sure who the dog actually loves the most. Here’s how you can find out:

  • What does your dog do after eating? This question is important because it helps you to see what your dog’s feelings are for you. When he comes to you instead of playing with the ball, it’s not just a sign of gratitude but of love as well.
  • Where does your dog sleep? Not everyone wants his dog to sleep in his room, let alone in his bed. But if your dog insists on doing it, it means he’s very close to you.
  • Watch his reaction when you leave. If your dog gets nervous this is just a sign of separation anxiety. He will stay calm to show that he loves you and that he trusts you.
  • How much do you love your dog? Dogs can feel how strong your feelings are for him, so his love is directly proportional to yours.

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