Which name fits my four-legged friend?

Once it is clear that a dog should become part of their own family, there are many things to consider. At the beginning, of course, is the collection of information on species-appropriate dog ownership, the right diet and the various breeds of dogs. Many people want a puppy. What belongs to the puppy basic equipment, how the little one should spend the first days and how it goes on, you can read in our article series “A puppy moves in”.

But regardless of whether puppy, young dog or adult four-legged friends – in addition to the right dog food, a place to sleep and a lot of love each dog needs something else: a name.

And not only because you have to somehow call him back in dog school or on walks. A name also ensures that the little dog personality that you pick up from the breeder or the shelter becomes a full family member. In our society names serve not only the identification, but also the individualization. Even though it may not be so important to the four-legged friend, for most of us a name is crucial. It reflects the special relationship with our pets. And the choice of names is great. It is therefore difficult for many people to choose a suitable name.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why some names have been the undisputed number 1 pet names in years. The trend is still in human dog names as well as cat names.

This is probably due to the fact that the relationship with our pets has changed over the years. Very few people would speak in this country of their dog as a livestock. The dog has become a (almost) full family member. For some, he is even a substitute for children.

Which are the most popular names for four-legged friends?

For example, according to TASSO e.V., Felix has been the leader for hangovers for over thirty years. The association, which is dedicated primarily to the return of runaway and disappeared animals, also found that Luna last year was the most popular name for bitches. He has been leading the list for seven years. In second and third place follow Emma and Bella. Most males listened to Rocky or Sammy in 2014.

The downside to the most popular dog names is certainly that several quadrupeds lift their heads during the walk. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with calling a dog Luna or Rocky.

How to find the ideal dog name

Ideal are memorable names with two syllables ending in a vowel, such as Lilly or Kira. If you keep several dogs, you should also choose nicknames that differ in their sound and therefore can be kept apart from the four-legged friends. Unsuitable are terms that you often use in everyday life or that are very similar to your basic commands.

Against extravagant names is basically nothing wrong, if they call. Anyone who chooses an exceptional name like Persephone, therefore better has a shortcut in mind. You should definitely remember that you have to give the name, for example, in the dog school or at the vet. And of course, other dog owners, friends and maybe even co-workers will ask for it. The name of your four-legged friend should therefore not be uncomfortable or even embarrassing.

If you can not decide on a name, you can either consult a list of names or be inspired by the media. For example, names from your own favorite movie or favorite book are gladly taken. Names of legends and myths are also popular.

Name changes are possible

Ultimately, the name should appeal to you and your family. If you can already decide whether your puppy is more of a stormy daredevil or a cozy cuddly bear, you can of course choose the name to match his character. Anyone who “adopted” a dog from the shelter, who already has a name, does not have to worry, though: older dogs usually get used to a new name as well.

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