Which bones can I give my dog?

Experts are still not in agreement on whether it is good to feed dogs bones. The only person who can make that decision is, after all, the dog owner

Again and again, the question arises whether you can feed a dog bones, but there seems to be no clear answer to it.

Some say they are good for the dental health of dogs, and above all, they taste good for them. They believe that the nutrients in the bone marrow are of great benefit to the health of dogs.

Others claim that feeding this treat to dogs can be fatal. But what’s wrong? Can you feed dogs with it or not? The right question, however, is “Which bones can I feed my dog?

Can you feed dogs bones?

As we mentioned earlier, the experts in this topic are also dissatisfied. The proponents support their theory, however, with the fact that the ancestors of the dogs have finally fed on it. You ask yourself why the direct descendant of the wolf, who eventually eats bones, should not take this food?

Wolves have been known to eat all parts of their prey, in some cases including the skin. The bones are a kind of dessert, possibly because they taste the animals very well. Based on this theory is the statement that we can feed our dogs with a clear conscience.

But let us also look at the other side of the experts who claim that feeding bones is bad for our dogs. Their statement is based on the following points:

  • Even if dogs and wolves are demonstrably very similar, the dog has developed differently due to its domestication. His rhythm of life, which is very different from wild relatives, no longer requires the same diet. The diet should therefore be different for both species.
  • Wolves, too, can suffer internal injuries as they eat bones. The difference is that we do not get it. The experts say that this food can cause great harm to animals and even lead to their death. It could lead to asphyxiation or perforation of a vital organ in the dog.

Now the question arises: Can I feed my dog ​​bones or not? The only person who can make that decision is you, after all.

These bones can be given to your dog

What all pet owners agree on is the fact that our dogs love these goodies and that’s why many feed their pets. If you are one of the advocates, it is especially important to know which bones you can give to dogs.

Duck neck bones

Duckbone bones are highly recommended for their high nutritional value and the fact that they pose no threat to your four-legged friend. Their cartilage and bone marrow contain large amounts of nutrients. This is not the case with chickens or turkeys, so do not confuse!

Cattle bones

From these animals, many parts of the body can be fed to the dogs as they are good for their health. For example, the femur or the knee both have a large cartilage and there is also some meat there, which will certainly give your pet great pleasure.

Why deprive your dog of this treat? The knee of pigs is also very tasty and healthy.

chicken bones

With chicken bones, you should be careful with the feeding, as they are smaller and easier to split. Before you feed her to your dog, consult your veterinarian. If you choose to feed these bones, always select the larger pieces and those that do not have sharp edges that could perforate or injure your dog’s bowel.

lamb bones

Just as with the chicken bones, the larger specimens should also be fed to the dog with the lamb bones, in order to avoid accidents. Also remember that you should always give your four-legged friend raw bones, never cooked.

Also, never lose sight of your darling as long as he is busy with the bone and always remember to feed large specimens so your dog will not be swallowed. We are sure that your dog will be happy about a treat like this!

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