What does my dog ​​think when he looks at me?

You would like to know what your dog thinks while looking at you?

You are sitting on the couch and suddenly realize that you have a faithful admirer who fixes you with his dog-look. You would like to know what your dog thinks while looking at you?

It is normal for you to ask yourself this question, because although you know your dog, the dog look may be disturbing. Or maybe you have just adopted a four-legged friend and do not know what he wants. It’s difficult to know what the dog’s look should mean, but we’ll give you a few different options afterwards.

What does the fixing dog look mean?

There are 5 reasons for a fixing dog’s look, which we list here.

  • Attract attention

You were very busy with your things during the day and almost did not look at your pet? He notices this and claims attention. What is your dog doing to tell you? He stares at you. He wants to grab your attention, so that you know that he is there and that he needs your love. It does not want to play, just a caress.

Try to give it this attention and you will see that it relaxes.

  • He wants to ask you for something

You would like that your dog could speak to understand him better? He tells you a lot about gestures, looks and body language. Dogs love a regular routine, so you should know what he needs right now.

Maybe he just wants more water or that you open the patio door. There are dogs that emphasize their desire with sounds and movements, such as moving the food bowl.

  • He is waiting for orders

Maybe you gave him a command for a few days at this time, and now your dog has nothing left to do. So he fixes you and waits for instructions.

This can happen if you train him or teach him new orders. The dog recognizes his inferiority and expects you to give him new instructions.

  • uncertainty

Sometimes dogs are insecure and do not know what to expect from them. So they keep looking at us just in case we give them an order.

You do not want to miss anything and are always attentive to our wishes. Do not you think that they are the most loyal and noble animals?

  • aggression

That’s a look we have to recognize, of course. Dogs do not say much with their eyes, but with their body language. You should therefore not think that the gaze is normal without analyzing other signs.

We know that you know your dog. You assume that he can not be aggressive, least of all to you, but sometimes dogs suffer from disturbances that can also be directed against their master or mistress.

For example, there are breeds with a certain predisposition to schizophrenia who often attack their owners. You should therefore be vigilant and watch closely for all signs, especially if your dog is one of those breeds.

Now you know why your dog sometimes looks at you insistently, which can sometimes even be unpleasant. But what can you do? Not really much, he will continue to do so. However, always pay attention to his needs.

Give him love, make sure he always has what he needs, and pay attention to whether he wants to go for a walk, let off steam, or just needs a little more attention.

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