What are the benefits of olive oil for dogs?

No typical dog food, but you should mix the dog now and then a little olive oil into the feed

It is also referred to as “liquid gold” and enjoys great popularity. We are talking about olive oil, which not only tastes wonderful, but is also very healthy. But what advantages does olive oil have for dogs?

Read on to find out what benefits olive oil has for your dog.

What are the benefits of olive oil for dogs?

Olive oil for dogs is considered to be extremely healthy thanks to its unsaturated fatty acids and high antioxidant content. It can provide your dog with Omega 3 and Vitamin E and increase the good cholesterol level.

In addition, the precious oil helps to control bad cholesterol and improves the health of joints and muscles. It should even have anti-cancer effects.

However, despite its many positive qualities, you should not give too much to your pet as it has a laxative effect on large amounts.

How much olive oil for dogs?

If the oil does not taste good to your dog, you need to find a way to add it to your diet. But before you start, get advice from your veterinarian who can tell you the exact amount so as not to endanger your pet.

In general, the following quantities are recommended:

  • Dogs up to 10 kg: half a teaspoon a day
  • Dogs between 11 kg and 30 kg: one teaspoon per day
  • Dogs over 30 kg: one and a half teaspoons a day

With this knowledge, you can now feed your pet the right amount of olive oil.

It is best to mix the olive oil with the normal food, as your pet already knows and likes this taste. In addition, the food with the oil is additionally moistened and thus softer and easier to eat.

You can also give it over a small portion of rice, grain-containing dog food or normal canned food. The intestinal activity of your dog is immediately stimulated and begins to work properly. But only as long as you do not exceed the recommended dose, which could lead to diarrhea.

What can olive oil do for dogs?

In addition to the care of the internal organs, olive oil can also improve the appearance of your dog. For example, it contributes to a beautiful complexion. If your pet has a dry skin, rub in some olive oil and you will see the affected area regenerate quickly. This effect is due to the antioxidant effect of olive oil and ensures that the skin cells regenerate again.

The only downside could be that your dog could soil the furniture, floor and walls with the oil. But if he has his own little kingdom, that’s no problem either.

If you want to prevent your dog from messing up things in the household right from the start, you can also use rose hip oil. This oil penetrates the skin faster and leaves no stains. However, under no circumstances should it be taken by the dog orally.

Also on the coat of your dog you will be able to notice an improvement quite quickly. It shines more and feels more silky and soft.

As you can see, this natural product has many benefits for your pet. So feed your dog regularly but always remember: the right dosage is important.

After a few days, you will see that your dog’s health, digestion, skin and coat are improving. Of course, you should always follow the recommendations of your veterinarian regarding the quantities, as the quantities given in this article are only general. Every dog ​​is different and has special needs.

Who claims that dogs should not be fed olive oil?

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