To recognize dental problems quickly

Even attentive dog and cat owners often do not notice for a long time that their four-legged darling has problems with their teeth. Often these are only discovered during a routine examination by the veterinarian. In order to shorten the hitherto unnoticed suffering of the affected animals, “my PETER” interviewed Magister Matthias Schweda in an interview on which signs masters or mistresses must pay attention to in order to be able to react to tooth diseases of Bello and Mieze in time.

Question: Mr. Magister Schweda, why do not pet owners often notice over long distances that a dog or cat has a toothache?

Mag. Schweda: Interestingly, animals almost do not show pain in the mouth area, although the nervous supply of the dog’s and cat’s teeth is exactly the same as that of humans and the tooth structure is the same. The pains are the same; A free tooth neck or a broken tooth also hurts the animal. For me as a specialist in dentistry, it is also remarkable how subtle the signs of pain in animals can be.

Question: What are the indications for pain in the mouth?

Mag. Schweda: When cats have toothache, they may try to eat food from their mouth, or they may run away. In the advanced stage they refuse the food. Dogs, however, eat with pain for a very long time, this is mainly because the setting of feed intake for the dog is equivalent to “dying”. In addition, some dogs loop and chew only a little. Dogs with tooth discomfort may salivate more, sometimes bloody. Since chronic pain greatly affects the general condition, the owners often notice that the four-legged friend has become much calmer and inactive. It also happens that dogs suddenly refuse very popular drawing and ball games due to toothache. Because this often affects older dogs, the owners often attribute the animal’s nature change to age, and are very surprised when their darling behaves after successful dental care, as if he were years younger.

Question: Are there sometimes more marked symptoms that pet owners can not overlook?

Mag. Schweda: In dogs it comes again and again to Wurzelspitzenabszessen the upper jaw Fang. These cause swelling in the area of ​​the upper jaw – typically below the eye. Nevertheless, the dogs are often brought to the vet only when a fistula channel has already emerged from which pus pours. This means that the dog has been struggling with the problem for many weeks without its owner or mistress noticing it.

Question: Why do some dogs stink so hard from their mouths?

Mag. Schweda: The bad breath, similar to humans, can have extraoral or intraoral causes. Extraoral means that the animal absorbs, for example, odors and flavors with food (similar to the garlic in humans), which are smelled from the mouth. It is also due to chronic diseases of an organ or organ system. I am thinking of the typical acetone odor of diabetes or the uremic bad breath of kidney failure. The intraoral cause of bad breath is usually embedded in tartar. These are special bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans responsible for the foul odor. The extent of odor formation is quantifiable with a halimeter, a meter that can measure such volatile compounds.

Question: Does tooth brushing reduce the mouth odor?

Mag. Schweda: In studies in which the mouth odor was measured with the Halimeter, it has been found that brushing teeth can lead to a reduction of odor by 47%. Commercially available dental care products also reduce the odor significantly, namely by up to 40%. The study also showed that the mouth odor returns to baseline within 3 weeks if the owner stops the dental care. Dental caustics are therefore entirely justified in terms of dental care or oral cavity hygiene.

Question: What do you recommend as optimal dental care for dogs?

Mag. Schweda: The alternating use of brushing and Kauprodukten brings good results. That means: one day brushing your teeth, one day chewing dental care sticks. In fact, every day, epithelial deposits, saliva, bacterial colonization, and mucins, also known as plaque, coat the tooth surfaces. By incorporating calcium from the saliva, these dental plaque calcify within 18 to 36 hours to hard calculus, which in turn represents an ideal soil for bacteria. While brushing removes plaque, chewing products slow the formation of calculus because they trap the calcium in the food bind. This could extend the brushing interval to 48 hours. The calcium binding takes place by chemical additives with edible Kauprodukten, chewing – like for example Gummiknochen – this effect nicht.Frage:

Why is with some animals the calculus on one side much more pronounced than on the other?

Mag. Schweda: If a tooth hurts on one side, the dogs chew more and more on the other side, which leads to the protection of the “sick side” and thus to increased calculus formation, because each bite also “cleans” the tooth surface in a certain way ,

Question: We have talked about adult animals so far. Do puppies also have dental problems?

Mag. Schweda: In puppies, problems can occur especially in the change of teeth, such as an incomplete or irregular tooth change. A well-known phenomenon is the Caninus persistens, the permanent milk fang. This should be until the eighth month of life at the latest. Otherwise, it must be surgically removed, otherwise it could lead to malocclusions of the permanent dentition, as well as periodontal diseases in this area. The normal change of teeth in the puppy should be completed with seven months. Thereafter, it is recommended that the remaining dentition be checked by the veterinarian in order to diagnose any deformities early.

Question: Are there any dental regulations for dogs?

Mag. Schweda: Dentures are given to dogs especially if, as a consequence, they can expect diseases of the oral cavity. An example of this would be the narrowness of the canines in the lower jaw with bite in the upper jaw. There is then the possibility of a brace; however, if the misalignment is too serious, the teeth in question will be cut or removed better.

Question: Do you have any tips for pet owners?

Mag. Schweda: With dogs should be practiced from the puppy age to the manipulation of the mouth. Again and again raise the lips, look into the mouth and paint on the muzzle. It is important to observe the four-legged friends during the feed intake in order to determine an altered feeding behavior at an early stage. Watch for swelling, asymmetry and thickening of the face. And avoid using your own used toothbrush for the dog! In this way, caries could be transferred from humans to animals. At veterinarians and pet shops there are special soft toothbrushes for dogs and cats.

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