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The Ragdoll is one of the half-long haired cats, yet their coat is not considered to be particularly caring. During the coat change, however, it should be brushed daily. The clearance of the Ragdoll should be secured because it could be quickly taken by strangers by their open nature. In the apartment, the big breed needs a lot of space and a stable scratching post. For professionals, the purchase of a second cat is recommended. Ragdoll usually gets along well with children and enjoys spending hours playing games. For first-time cat owners, the Ragdoll with its open-minded nature is well suited.

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The Ragdoll is a half-length hair cat with mask coloring, which is known for its mostly good-natured and loving nature. Like the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon it belongs to the largest cat breeds.

In the early 1960s, the first ragdoll kittens were born through the mating of a supposedly Angora-Persian-like cat and an unknown tomcat. According to various assumptions, the hangover should have been a Burma or Burma.

The American Ann Baker, a former Perserkatzenz├╝chterin, built with kittens from this litter a new breed. She gave the breed the name “Ragdoll”, which can be translated as rag doll or rag doll. She derived the name from a rumor she is supposed to have put into the world herself. Therefore, the Ragdoll felt no pain and could be relaxed hanging, if it would be lifted.

The unlikely story was based on the claim that the mother of the kittens had exhibited these traits after a car accident and passed them on to her offspring.

Of course this is not possible genetically. The Ragdoll is as sensitive to pain as other cat breeds. The often relaxed behavior in the arm of their owner is not an inherited trait, but testifies to appropriate socialization and trust in humans.

Breed-specific traits

Many owners describe the nature of Ragdoll as loving and serene. The big velvet paw is often to be playful for a lifetime and like the Maine Coon tend to follow their owner at every turn. Unlike other races, the Ragdoll is considered quiet and uninspiring. She is also said to be patient and rarely shows claws when playing. She should be able to cope well with children.

Attitude and care

The Ragdoll, despite its size, is often recommended for housing, since, like the Balinese, it hardly shows any shyness towards strangers. So it could easily happen that your velvet paw is taken away by strangers. About a secure balcony or garden, the kitty but usually happy.

A half-long hair cat should be brushed daily, especially during the change of coat, otherwise, weekly support in grooming will suffice.

The Ragdoll is not known to have any specific hereditary diseases. Due to her quiet nature she can, however, especially in old age and in pure housing, tend to be overweight. If your velvet paw is already showing signs of being overweight, you should discuss the portion size of the cat food with your veterinarian or encourage the kitty to move more with cat toys. In addition to a sturdy scratching post (the size and weight of the Ragdoll withstood), the apartment offers a second cat so that your darling is not lonely in your absence.

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