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The Eyepower Katzkratzbaum Linus is manufactured by Omnideal GmbH und Co. KG, an owner-managed company based in Hürth near Cologne. The cat tree assortment of the company is large, nevertheless Omnideal belongs to the real allrounders. In addition to animal accessories, the company also produces children’s toys, garden furniture, sanitary facilities and furnishings for trade fairs, salons and shops. On the company’s website, the company describes its overall objective as follows: “We want to offer beautiful and innovative products at a price far below standard.”

A beautiful innovative cat tree for above average price? That sounds good at the first reading, of course. But the company should also deliver quality. After all, a scratching post can still be so extraordinary and visually appealing – if it is already worn or broken in the corner after a few weeks, neither two- or four-legged friends will have any of it.

So we wanted to find out: What can the scratching post really cost for 88.67 euros? How sturdy, robust and easy-care is it and what do the babies say?

Construction and design

With a size of 2.15 meters, the cat scratching post Linus by Omnideal is a real giant and beats our other test candidates in terms of size by far. In addition, the giant has visually a lot to offer and differs with its rectangular sisal legs and the attached tower element quite of commercial scratching posts.

The Eyepower cat scratching post Linus under construction

When unpacking we were initially positively surprised: All to be installed scratching and Plüschsäulen had the same length. Even with the screws, there were only three different versions. This is advantageous in the construction, because nothing can be confused. A little problematic, we found it, however, that the instructions are very small and relatively confusing and minimalist.

In addition, the structure was a bit tricky in some places: Although we knew theoretically at which point we had to attach which scratching post element, but in practice this was not as easy as expected (which was not least related to the size of the scratching post). So it is advisable to screw together not only a helper dabeizuhaben, in addition, should be available for smaller people a ladder.

For example, we had some problems with screwing on the lying surfaces that had to be fixed on the left and right side of the scratching tower. It required some dexterity to connect the screws from the insides of the tower to the individual lying surfaces.

Also, the attachment of the tower roof has proved not so easy, since it was difficult to find the screw hole between all the plush of the scratching post.

Especially as an inexperienced craftsman you should better plan a little more time (about 30 to 40 minutes) for the construction.

Scratching Tree Test: The Design

In terms of design, Omnideal lives up to its claim to innovation. The cat scratching post Linus really makes a lot of things visually. In particular, the large black tower with peephole and tree-like pattern jumped us in the cat scratch test immediately in the eye and is not exactly cat scratching typical.

Otherwise, the cat accessories consist for the most part of chipboard, which are covered with plush. Sisal is rather in short supply on the Linus cat scratching post. Only the front legs of the cat tree were wrapped with it. Whether that pleases the velvet paws?

One way or the other: For cat owners who have “fed up” with the typical scratching post models, the Linus cat tree could offer itself as an exciting alternative – although you rather get a play tower as a scratching post into the house.

The model is available in the basic shades burgundy-white, black-white, gray-white and brown-white. So you have enough choice and can adapt the cat tree color well to your own home furnishings. Despite its size of 2.15 meters, the Linus occupies comparatively little space, as it has been designed exclusively in height and not in width.

Although the cat accessories are more like a lookout tower than a scratching post, we liked the extraordinary design of the test model. However, there are deductions for the somewhat more complex structure and the confusing instructions. That’s why we award 3.9 out of 5 possible stars in the category Design & Design.

Fun and value for money

If you bring a scratching post of 2.15 meters into the house, you certainly do not expect in vain that your own velvet paws will have plenty of play and climbing opportunities, as well as lying areas.

At first sight, the cat scratching post Linus by Omnideal can only do justice to this claim in parts, because the cat scratching post is not really designed for its size. Cuddly and velvet paws await instead a standard program, consisting of seats, climbing ladder, four game mice and a stunningly large cat cave.

Well meant are the two lying on the head of the cat tree lying areas, which should offer the velvet paws in a height of 2.15 meters the best possible view. However, both platforms are a bit small and only stand on a comparatively thin sisal leg, which lacks the necessary stability.

Although the model Linus is a cat scratching post according to its name, it also offers the little ones relatively few scratching options. So only four narrow legs and a climbing ladder are wrapped in sisal, which accounts for a relatively small proportion of a cat tree of 2.15 meters.

In contrast, the high plush content: not only the surfaces of the individual scratching planes are equipped with the soft material, the undersides were covered with plush. Sharp corners and edges are thus sought in vain, so that cats could even come across the soft plush even in wild scuffles.

The large cuddly cave as a retreat was also good at first glance and makes a lot of visual sense. However, the cave is very high and we suspect that even tall cats hardly have a chance to look out of the certainly provided lookout window. Therefore, we would have found it very practical if a second level had been implemented within the tower. This could provide additional berth and ensure that the space of the tower is optimally utilized.

A little critical we also found the windows and seats, which were mounted on the left and right. Just like the lying levels, these are also relatively small and rather poor for medium-sized cats.

Also, the screws that were attached to the second highest level on the plush legs, we saw as problematic. These have to be screwed into the plate from above, so that all heads are visible from the outside and represent a potential source of danger. So a babe could easily get caught playing with a claw under the screw. So that the risk of injury is minimized, it would make sense to attach cover caps to the scratching post in order to be able to cover the screws.

In all our criticism, however, one must not forget: For a price of 88.67 euros, the cat scratching post Linus at least a stately size. Nevertheless, his overall equipment is rather meager. That’s why we give well-intentioned 2.6 stars in the fun and value for money category.

Material and workmanship

The cat tree is high quality and clean processed. Equipped with high-quality plush and hard-wearing sisal, it offers many playing and lying surfaces on several platforms. “, It says in the product description of the manufacturer. Whether the processing is really so high quality and can convince the material? We tested the cat scratching post.

But one thing in advance: If you are looking for a really high-quality cat tree made of solid wood with hand-knotted natural sisal, then Eyepower Katzkratzbaum Linus is the wrong address. Instead, pressboard and pressed cardboard dominate the cat accessories, which at a price of 88.67 euros, but probably not to be expected otherwise.

We really liked the cat scratch test of the processed plush. Not only did we find this soft, it was also clean and firmly glued on all scratching post surfaces. The same applied to lying surfaces, seating boards and the cat’s lair, which have been stably glued together.

Something worried us, however, the legs of the cat tree. On the one hand, the square elements of several press platens were “cobbled together”, which did not leave a high-quality impression. On the other hand, we noticed the sisal negative: he had no good grip and could be moved with little effort with his finger. Although the angular scratching elements offer a visual alternative to the round pillars, the edges of the sisal are less likely to wrap around the leg and therefore slip more easily.

Another small drawback was also the sisal glued stairs of the cat tree ladder. These were not always covered to the end with the scratching material, so that naked and visually unappealing pressed cardboard came to light.

Therefore the cat scratching post Linus in the test category material and processing could not completely convince us. For the relatively loose sisal and the relatively thin legs we had to deduct two stars and awarded three out of five stars.


For its size of 2.15 meters, the cat scratching post Linus has a comparatively small floor area and relatively narrow sisal and plush legs. He did not seem really stable. We feared that the plush tree could wobble or even tip over if several adult cats romped on it.

Fortunately, however, the cat scratching post is rectangular in shape. So it can be perfectly placed in a corner, may even be screwed and thus gets much more stability. However, a drawback remains the lying surfaces, which are attached to the head of the scratching post. They are, as already mentioned, each held by a comparatively thin sisal pillar and not very safe. Overall, we can therefore evaluate the cat tree of Omnideal GmbH in terms of stability only with “sufficient”.

Easy care: the dirt test

Unfortunately, the covers of the cat tree are not removable and washable. Whether the plush material of the cat tower can still be cleaned well?

We did a little dirt test and mixed potting soil, water and grass. The mixture was rubbed into the plush material of the scratching post and allowed to dry overnight.

The result was extremely positive: we were able to easily rub the dirt off the plush with a dry cloth the next day – there were no residues.

Due to the high percentage of plush and the white areas on the scratching post legs and the cave, it was only a matter of time before the coverings would be affected more severely. For the lack of removable covers there is therefore a big minus in the rating, so that the scratching tree Linus in the category easy care with a total of four stars in the scratching tree test cuts off.

Robustness and practice test in the shelter Hannove

In the product description, Omnideal advertises its cat tree Linus as “versatile” and “extremely robust”. We wanted to get to the bottom of this statement and drove to the shelter Hanover, so kitten, cats and hangovers could make their own judgment.

Our subjects were the kittens Bibo, Phoenix, Einstein, pea and the young cat Umpa Lumpa, who immediately jumped with enthusiasm on the cat tower and explored everything curious. It was great to see how well the little ones took the tree and romped on it.

Our test candidates were particularly pleased to climb up the Linus scratching post along the plush to the roof. For us, no surprise – has a kitty from the top level finally a great view. Some of our stormy subjects even ventured onto the reclining areas attached to the head of the tree, even though they had been rather shaky and unsafe in the editors.

The game mice also arrived well in our test candidates. These were neatly handled with paws and teeth, which unfortunately led to one of the filigree toys after a short time detached from the tree.

Our first interim conclusion was therefore mixed: size and equipment of the cat tree came in our test candidates great. At the same time, however, the toy on the tree was already broken after a short time.

Even in the long-term test, the scratching post was only moderately convincing, as we were told after just under two weeks. Because just like us animal keeper Christiane John found that the cat tree Linus “looks great at first glance and makes a great impression.” However, less she liked the material used: “The fabric fuzzes totally and is so cheap processed that he now already falling apart. ”

In addition, the 26-year-old animal keeper pointed out the danger potential of the huge cuddly cave: “There is no intermediate floor at the big cave. When a cat jumps in at the top, it falls down half a meter. Of course this is not so optimal for smaller or anxious cats who want to hide in the cave quickly. ”

The kittens also showed little interest in the sleeping areas: “Normally, the top levels are very much welcomed by the cats. However, the areas on the cat scratching post Linus are far too small. “In addition, the zookeeper also criticized the sisal legs: These were clearly too small and narrow to scratch and were rarely used by the shelter kitten.

Although the cat tree Linus could definitely score with its size and the extraordinary design. Due to the low-quality material and the lack of equipment, our zookeeper and cat tree expert awarded only 2.5 out of five stars.

Conclusion: Eyepower cat scratching post Linus

Among all test candidates, the cat scratching post Linus by OmniDeal was the cheapest test candidate with a price of 88.67 euros. But he offers a handsome size and has not much in common with a conventional scratching post. We rated the unconventional design as “good”. However, we were less satisfied with the processing of the sisal and the stability of the cat tree.

On the other hand, the Linus scored points with our test subjects: they immediately seized the scratching post on our arrival and were eagerly fussing around on it. As a temporary adventure playground for kittens, the large cat tree is at least partially suitable – if one disregards the large cuddly cave as a potential source of danger.

In terms of longevity, the cat’s accessories with its fuzzy plush and the thin sisal legs could convince neither us nor zookeeper Christiane John, so we can not fully recommend the Linus cat scratching post. Especially for heavy and / or large cat breeds, the tree is rather unsuitable.

Anyone who attaches great importance to design when buying a cat tree and wishes for a temporary and inexpensive alternative to conventional scratching posts may still be well advised with the Linus cat scratching post.

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