The hopping lucky charm from Japan

About the Japanese Bobtail

Attitude recommendation

The social Japanese Bobtail usually does not want to be alone for a long time. It is therefore advisable to buy a second cat, if the velvet paw should be kept in the apartment. She is happy about a garden or secured balcony. The Japanese Bobtail is considered an active cat with a quiet nature who likes to play and climb. Since she is very willing to learn, she does not find it difficult to learn tricks. In some cases, it can also be used to dishes and leash.

A cat with a short tail and a gait more reminiscent of a hopping? Sounds unusual, but is a typical description for the Japanese Bobtail. In many Asian countries, cats with such a “stubby tail” are considered lucky charms. Unfortunately, this often leads to the mutilation of the animals.

The short tail of the Japanese Bobtail is hereditary. It was created by a mutation that was bred by Japanese breeders. It is inherited recessively, i. If both parents are Japanese Bobtails, their kittens will also have a short tail.

But how did the short tail of the Japanese breed cat?

Legend has it that a cat once ventured too close to the fire to warm itself. This caught her tail fire. During their escape, the cat set fire to many houses that burned to the ground. As punishment, the emperor ordered all cats to remove the tail.

How much truth in this story is, of course, not detectable – until today is not proven when and how the cats came up with the short tails for the first time. However, it is believed that the cats came from China to Japan over a thousand years ago. Finally, in 1602, Japanese authorities decided that all cats should be free. They wanted to counteract the rodent pest that threatened the silkworms in the country. The sale or purchase of cats was unlawful at this time. So the Japanese Bobtail lived on farms or in the streets.

The German physician and botanical researcher Engelbert Fighter mentioned the Japanese Bobtail around 1700 in his book about the flora, fauna and landscape of Japan. He wrote, “Only one breed of cat is kept. It has big spots of yellow, black and white fur; Her short tail looks like crooked and broken. She does not fancy hunting for rats and mice, but wants to be carried around and caressed by women “.

The Japanese Bobtail did not reach the United States until 1968, when Elizabeth Freret imported three specimens of this breed. The CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) recognized her in 1976. In the UK, the first litter was registered in 2001. Worldwide, the Japanese Bobtail is best known as the waving cat. The maneki-neko represents a sitting Japanese Bobtail with raised paw and is a popular lucky charm in Japan. Often she sits in the entrance of houses and shops. In this country you can discover the maneki-neko in the shop windows of Asian supermarkets or restaurants.

Breed-specific character traits

The Japanese Bobtail is considered a smart and talkative cat with a soft voice. If they are addressed, the short-tailed chatterboxes like to have regular conversations with their people. Some people even say that their voice is reminiscent of singing. The kittens of the Japanese Bobtail are described as very early active. Their great willingness to learn is praised in various places. Therefore, she is considered receptive to learning different tricks. Some members of this breed also learn to walk on a leash, but this is different from pet to pet, as with all cat breeds.

Attitude and care

The Japanese Bobtail usually requires no special care. Her short coat is rather undemanding. However, occasional brushing does not harm the cat. Unlike other brushless or short-tailed breeds, the Japanese Bobtail has no hereditary disease. Because of her attachment, the outgoing kitty should not be left alone for too long. For pure housing, therefore, working people should think about buying a second cat. Clearance is usually unproblematic with the Japanese Bobtail. It is considered robust and little susceptible to disease. Even cooler temperatures usually do not bother her.

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