The first days of the puppy in the new home


In our article series “A puppy moves in”, we provide you with valuable tips for the first time with your puppy. In the first part we have dealt with the preparation, in the second with the arrival of the little four-legged friend. But even the first days and weeks with the puppy are especially important. During this time he finds a home in his new home, takes confidence in you and your family and learns a lot of new things. Therefore you have to educate him with patience in the first time and lovingly but surely show his limits to him.

In the first few days, you can strengthen the bond with your puppy, slowly educate him to housebrokenness and gradually get used to everyday life. For example, you can establish fixed feeding times that you want to maintain in the future.

Of course, a puppy can not stay alone for several hours. Occasionally he disappears from view and returns without much ado. Excessive welcome ceremonies you should avoid, so that the little one notices that your absence is not special and certainly not a cause for concern. So you can already get used to it by staying alone. Over a longer period, however, such a puppy should never be left to its own devices. If the quadruped yowls in your brief absence, do not enter the room until he pauses. Your comings and goings should be perfectly normal for him and no cause for excitement.

Get used to the puppy on a leash

Most puppies react to dishes and leash with little enthusiasm. Of course, they do not understand that they can not just walk on a busy street when they discover something exciting on the other side. First of all, you should get used to your puppy’s dishes. You can easily do that by playing it in the apartment. It should go without saying that he wears it. The same way you can do with the leash.

The contact to other dogs

Even if the first walks are not very long, the contact with other dogs must not be neglected. He lays the foundation for the later compatibility with conspecifics and should therefore not be neglected. The puppy protection is not valid in foreign dogs. Therefore, it can not be guaranteed that other quadrupeds take care of the little ones. The handling of large dogs should therefore be well monitored.

Many dog ​​schools offer special puppy schools or puppy play lessons, which bring the puppy together with other dogs of his age. Such groups also promote socialization, make the dog fun and give you the opportunity to exchange with other dog owners or to arrange for small walks. However, your puppy school should be carefully selected, as bad experiences must be the exception during training. Otherwise, you will only achieve the opposite with the visits to the puppy school. A good puppy school is not only dependent on the size of the group, but also on the trainer. If a puppy is too coarse in the game or bullying the others, he should intervene at the right time.

The first vet visit does not have to be scary

A puppy of serious breeding is already vaccinated and dewormed when he moves in with you. As a rule, the puppy was also already chipped. Be sure to inform yourself before purchasing what you have to pay attention to when buying puppies. Of worming or vaccinations that are still pending, you should of course be informed at the transfer. But also gives the vaccination certificate information. If the basis is already met, there is no reason to go to a veterinarian immediately with the completely healthy puppy. Of course, you can check it out for a short time and have it rewarded by the veterinarian with a treat, so he will not be afraid of future visits. At the control of the ears, teeth, eyes and paws you can get used to it during the daily rest hours playfully.

Driving with the puppy: driving short distances

If you already know that your dog will often be in the car with you in the future – on the way to work, to the next forest or to the dog school – you should get used to it early on. Begins with the practice, however, not directly in the first few days. Every puppy has its own pace. Some four-legged friends quickly get used to their new environment, while others take a little longer to get used to it. So do not overwhelm the puppy if he is still unsure. Nevertheless, he should get to know your everyday life as soon as possible – with everything that goes with it.

Restricts the first car rides yet to a few minutes and rewarded and praised the puppy then extensively. You can also practice the public transport ride by driving one or two stations and rewarding him afterwards. The important thing is that the experience is positive – so do not reward it when it is yapping or yapping. Only when he has calmed down, you should encourage him in his behavior.

Attention: A puppy should not jump out of the trunk because he can get seriously injured. Therefore, carefully lift it out or use a corresponding car ramp. Of course, a car harness or a corresponding transport box for four-legged friends in the car are important – an adequate backup of the dog in the car is even required by law.

Playing outdoors: This is how you get used to the sounds of everyday life

At the breeder, the puppy should have already heard the sounds of everyday life. But of course there are some sounds to which the few weeks old four-legged friends still have to get used to. You must not overburden him, but also do not overprotect him with excessive caution. Ideally you will slowly get used to strange situations. So the puppy does not have to be afraid and can process the new impressions.

For example, before you drive him to a busy road, you can play with him in a place where only a car passes occasionally. If that works fine, you can go with the puppy a quiet street in your residential area. Many dogs today live with their people in the city or accompany them for a shopping trip. However, the various smells and crowds of the city center can quickly become too much for a puppy. Goes for the first time therefore prefer in the early morning hours or in the evening a short round through the city. Gradually, you can increase such trips and visit more visited place. Please do not leave your four-legged friend unattended while waiting for business.

Patience and rest: The education should be loving

All parenting measures: Be patient with the puppy and do not get loud if he makes a mistake. It is punishment enough for most dogs if they are ignored for the moment or the game is interrupted. It is neither conducive nor necessary to yell at a puppy. On the contrary, exaggerated severity has a negative effect on the relationship between humans and animals. This should not be characterized by fear, but by positive emotions and experiences. In addition, of course, violence must never be part of the dog training! You can and must set boundaries for a puppy, of course, but you should treat him patiently and lovingly.

If you follow these tips and inform you in detail before the purchase of the claims of the various dog breeds, the species-appropriate dog ownership and the right education, a happy coexistence with your puppy nothing stands in the way.

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