The combination of different types of food is dangerous!

In extreme cases, a food mix could even be fatal!

Often wet or dry food with a bit of ham, chicken or other meat are refined, so that the dog prefers to eat. But the combination of different types of food can be dangerous and lead to various ailments.

In extreme cases, a food mix could even be fatal!

Why this is so, you will find out in our article today.

Why combining different types of food is not a good idea
Variety in the diet is healthy and important, but the combination of different diets can have very negative consequences.

It’s no problem to give dry food to your dog today, and tomorrow you’ll get freshly cooked chicken with carrots. What you should avoid, however, is a mix of different types of food.

Dry or wet food

These foods are produced by an extrusion process, whereby the raw material mixture is pressed under high pressure into various forms. Carbohydrates become more open and digestible.

The digestion of this food is slow (8 to 10 hours), which is why dogs do not have to eat more than twice a day. Dry and wet food saturates the animals for an extended period of time.

Natural food

Food that is freshly prepared is quickly digested and does not saturate for so long.

Feed mix – why is that dangerous?

When different types of foods are mixed that require a different digestive process, it can cause discomfort. The natural food is not digested normally, it comes to gas formation and can result in stomach rotation.

A stomach twist can be deadly. It is an emergency that requires immediate veterinary attention.

How to recognize a stomach twist?

The following signs may indicate:

  • Short whine of the dog during the rotation itself, which hurts shortly.
  • Then the dog is running only cautiously, usually with a curved back and retracted belly.
  • The dog is trying to vomit, but with the esophagus constricted, this is not possible. Sometimes white foam comes out of the mouth.
  • The dog is panting and moaning, it suffers more and more in pain.

If you have one or more of the above symptoms you should take the dog to the vet immediately.

Varied food for dogs

If your dog is bored with dry food, you can alternate with fresh food, for example, chicken in the morning, dry food in the evening.

You can also give the dog 10% natural food and 90% dry food in combination. So the four-legged has more variety, but there is no danger.

Mixing equal amounts of different types of food becomes a danger – you know that now and can easily prevent it. Especially with larger dog breeds you should be careful!

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