The best premium dog food

Specific dog food will meet the nutritional needs of your beloved four-legged friend, but there are great differences in quality that should be considered. Purity and naturalness comes at a price but is best for the health and well-being of the animals.

Dogs need special food that meets all nutritional needs. There are a variety of brands and offers in the trade, which makes the selection often difficult. Today we will take a closer look at premium feed and explain the differences to other dog foods.

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Healthy dog ​​food

Dogs need special food to meet their needs and keep them healthy. Dog food provides mainly animal proteins, but also other important nutrients.

Commercial brands usually consist of 50% of these ingredients, the quality is mediocre to acceptable. But premium food is usually 100% animal protein.

This is to prevent possible allergic reactions, because dogs are predominantly carnivores, various vegetables can affect their health.

Premium food contains selected meats, mostly fresh regional meat is used for the production. The nutrients it contains are balanced and of high quality.

Which food is best for my dog?

If you choose the food for your four-legged pet, you must consider the age and size of the dog. There is also feed that is specially adapted to specific breeds of dogs.

Food for puppies contains other nutrients than dry or wet food for older dogs because it is adapted to the specific needs of each stage of life.

But not only are these aspects important, your dog probably also has personal preferences. Some fur noses love fish, others prefer chicken or beef. It’s best to simply try out what kind of taste your dog likes.

The commercial brands develop special recipes for different sizes, breeds and age groups. If an allergic or unexpected reaction still occurs, it is best to seek advice from your veterinarian.

Some of the best premium food brands include:


It is a Canadian brand that uses selected sustainable meat. The motto of this manufacturer is Biologically Appropriate ™, the food is of high quality, there are different menus: meat, poultry, eggs and fresh fish.

True instinct

This brand from St. Louis (USA) produces only natural food with animal protein. The purpose of this is the physical and mental well-being of pets, because it uses only natural ingredients and the taste should be as natural as possible.

Royal Canin

This Spanish company of the Mars group offers dog food that is manufactured according to 5 basic principles: quality, responsibility, reputability, efficiency and freedom.

Royal Canin is not only very popular in Spain, it is also gaining more and more friends in other countries, as this brand constantly renews its product line. The food is of high quality and always mindful of the well-being of the animals.

Wellness Core

It is a purely natural product line for dogs with a lot of animal protein. In order to guarantee a balanced diet, only a few herbal ingredients are used, which hardly trigger allergies and get the dogs well.


This brand exclusively makes dog food with selected fresh ingredients, all of which serve a specific purpose. This feed takes into account various aspects, such as healthy hair or claws.


The products of this manufacturer are manufactured under strict sanitary regulations in the USA. They are prepared manually and sold in small doses to guarantee quality.

If you ever have doubts about the quality, you can always call the Wisconsin branch to learn more about the manufacturing and ingredients.

You now know different brands that offer premium food to promote the well-being of the dog. Of course, home-cooked food is also an excellent option, but the nutrients should always be balanced, which is guaranteed with these brands.

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