The arrival: The puppy in the new home

In the second part of our series “A puppy moves in” we would like to inform you about how to make the arrival and the first hours in the new home for your puppies as pleasant as possible. In the first part of the series we have provided you with important tips on initial equipment, preparation and departure. However, when the puppy first arrives, new questions quickly emerge: when is the baby being fed for the first time? Where should he spend the night? These and other questions are dealt with in “A puppy moves in: Part 2”.

The arrival in the new home should initially be very relaxed. Show the puppy his basket if he wants to retire. Mostly, the little ones get something from the breeder’s home from their usual environment – such as a blanket or a toy. You can put this item in the sleeping place of the puppy so that he does not feel so lost. Even if your kinship is certainly looking forward to the little newcomer, the puppy should first be confronted with only a few strangers. Surely everyone will be able to be patient for a few days for the sake of the four-legged friend.

The first meal of the puppy in the new home

You can also show the food and water bowl to your puppy on arrival. Fresh drinking water should be available to him on arrival, you can feed him, if he has calmed down a bit. Puppies should be at least eight weeks old when donated to Germany. At this age they are already used to solid food. A serious breeder will either give you a sample of the previously fed puppy food or at least give you the name. If you want to change the dog food or change to another diet, for example B.A.R.F, you can, of course, do that, taking into account a few important points.

A feed change should namely be carried out very slowly in puppies, because the stomach and intestine are still quite sensitive. Therefore, you should start slowly after a few days to mix the new feed in small quantities under the old one. There are various puppy foods on the market: dry food, wet food and special feeds adapted to the needs of different breeds. Find out what is important when feeding puppies and young dogs and then decide which food and diet you prefer for your four-legged friend.

First education measures for housebreaking

Once the puppy has eaten, you should bring him right outside the door so he can break loose. Always bring him to the same place. If he has done his work, give him an effusive praise and show him how satisfied you are with his behavior. The praise can also be accompanied by a small puppy treats. If a mishap happens to the puppy, he should not be punished or blamed. Wipe off the puddle without comment and do not make a big deal out of it. Dogs are smart – the puppy will quickly realize that you only praise him outside the home or apartment.

The first night in the new home

The puppy will have to get used to the foreign environment and the absence of his mother and siblings. Especially on the first night he will feel even more insecure and lost. That’s why he should not have to sleep alone, but should be allowed to stay close to you. If the bedroom should be taboo for the dog, you can alternatively spend the night in the living room on the sofa. If you generally do not want the dog to sleep in bed, do not even bother with it – no matter how heartbreaking he is.

Also, at night, keep the puppy down so he can not walk on his own. For example, there is a sufficiently large transport box that you can put next to your bed. This should be padded with blankets and be nice and comfortable for the little one. The box also facilitates education for housebrokenness. Dogs are reluctant to soil their sleeping place. Through the box, the puppy is forced to make itself felt when he has to go outside. As soon as he becomes restless or you hear him whistling, you should get him out immediately.

The first days and weeks of living together are especially important and influential for two- and four-legged friends. But of course not only playing and cuddling, but also laying the foundation for education. The puppy is educated to housebrokenness and learns what he is allowed to do and what not. Even on a leash to walk small four-legged friends must first learn.


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