Popcorn for the dog?

If it really has to be popcorn, at least prepare it without salt and sugar.

A relaxing movie night on the couch, with a bowl of popcorn in hand and in good company … with your dog!

He cuddles up to you, makes no stupid comments, does not tell you in advance the different movie scenes and does not make fun of you when tears are in your eyes or when you’re scared.

One thing you should not (or only rarely and in moderation) do is give popcorn to your dog, even if he is constantly begging for it. We’ll explain why.

A movie night with your dog: a great plan

On cold and rainy days or on vacation we like to spend our time with our best friend, who is always on our side: with our dog.

You’re lying on the couch on Saturday night and it does not take long for your dog to come to you and sit next to you.

Especially in winter it is pleasant and comfortable, it warms your feet and takes away your fear. When you burst into tears at the end of the movie, your faithful friend comforts you.

Of course, popcorn should not be missing during a movie night – that’s just part of it. But what to do if the dog asks for it?

Is it good for dogs to eat popcorn? Or should one better resist the faithful look? Even if your dog is constantly begging for it, you should not necessarily give it popcorn! Then you will learn why.

Why not popcorn for the dog?

Dogs should get their own food and not get used to being fed all the time. Outside the feeding times you can use food as a reward if your dog is good, but not all foods are suitable.

Although popcorn are nutritious, they are seasoned with plenty of salt or sugar, which is detrimental to the gut health of the quadruped. Too much of it can lead to vomiting, diarrhea or poisoning!

If it really has to be popcorn, at least prepare it without salt and sugar.

It should not be forgotten that small dogs are also at risk of suffocation if the corn kernels get stuck in their throat and can not be swallowed.

The not burst grains can also get stuck in the teeth or the respiratory tract.

And some popcorn every now and then?

The ideal case is not to beg the dog when its owners sit at the table eating. But it is often very difficult to resist.

Dogs can be very persuasive and beg with their faithful gaze until they get a bite. If you do not give your dog anything, you feel bad, you have compassion, and you think that a bit of sure can not hurt.

For popcorn veterinarians point out that it depends on the amount and frequency. Every now and then a handful that is given to the dog individually, can not hurt.

Do not forget that it should be popcorn without butter, sugar and salt. Prepare the popcorn yourself, because you know that they contain no additives that could cause indigestion.

Give your four-legged friend the spores only occasionally, not several at the same time, and wait until he has swallowed well. If you follow these rules, your dog may occasionally eat some popcorn.

Popcorn contains a wealth of carbohydrates, so you should not overdo it, especially not if you want to keep your weight. Sugar and salt are also unhealthy for you!

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