My dog ​​resists brushing – what to do?

Brushing is the key to a hygienic and well-groomed dog coat, so it’s so important to slowly get used to the fur nose

Our dogs love us like crazy, but when it comes to brushing, they literally flee from us! No matter if we’ve just had a bath or if it’s all about daily brushing, most dogs are on the lookout.

If you’re one of those whose fur nose also shuns the brush, then here’s some advice for you to make that change.

My dog ​​balks at brushing: what can I do?

Brushing is an essential part of the hygiene of the dog. How to remove loose hair, the coat stays clean and shiny and the animal looks better. In addition, dead skin cells are removed.

That’s why it’s so important that the dog allows us to brush it. The only question is how do we do that? Here are some tips for you.

Accustom him to the brush

If your dog shows you that he is afraid of the brush, you can help him to befriend her by getting him used to her presence.

Put the brush on the floor and put some of his favorite treats around her. Give him the opportunity to approach, sniff, and eat his reward.

If there is nothing left to eat around the brush then it may be that he starts to play with her. Force him to nothing, let him approach the object by himself.

Do not pick up the brush from the floor, but let it become another toy for him. As a result, he quickly gets used to their presence and realizes that nothing happens to him when the brush is near him.

Check the brushes

Check which brush you use. Maybe it’s not appropriate for your dog. There are many different dog brushes and what you should use depends on the size of the dog, its type and length of coat.

Talk to your veterinarian to make the best choice. A wrong brush can damage your dog’s skin, so maybe he’ll take it off.

Choose the right moment

So now you know that you’ve got the right brush for your fur nose. But do not try it on him right now. Hide them near your seat. Surely your four-legged friend will run straight to you.

Caress him a bit and when he is relaxed and does not look at you, you can start brushing him gently. Start with your hands first, then use the brush and change back so it does not get too aggressive for you.

Learn the right technique for brushing

Maybe your dog is reluctant to brush because your technique is not the right one. Sometimes we move the brush too slowly for fear of hurting it. The opposite is the case. You may also be too rough.

Depending on the coat of the dog, we have to use one or the other technique for brushing. Remember also that you can not brush dogs that have knots in their fur in the same way.

First remove the nodes

A dog with knots in the coat suffers terribly when we try to brush it out. It is best to seek the knots with our hands and try to loosen them with them. You can also take the help of a comb to complete.

If the coat is too knotted, then we need a pair of scissors. If the knots are very large, because you have not brushed your dog for a while, then you probably have to cut them out.

Use products that soften the fur

In pet shops you can buy products that can be applied to both wet and dry coat.

They help unravel the coat. If you use these products, the brush will slide through the fur more easily and the procedure will be less annoying for your dog.

We know that some tasks are a bit more uncomfortable than others, especially when it comes to the hygiene of our pets. But with this advice and a little patience, you can do it.

Then you will never say again “My dog ​​balks at the brushing!”

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