Martingale collar for greyhounds good or bad?

The Martingale collar is a type of dog collar that causes pain and injury to greyhounds and other dogs. There are other alternatives to keep the dog safely under control.

The Martingale collar is a type of dog collar that causes pain and injury to greyhounds and other dogs. There are other alternatives to keep the dog safely under control.

Greyhounds are often maltreated, so some animal rights activists have specialized in this breed. Often they are scared because they have already gone through a lot.

Greyhounds are easily recognized by their particular, thin and fragile body shape. Often they wear a wide martingale collar. But is this really suitable for a greyhound?

What is a martingale collar?

Again and again you see greyhounds with this nice-looking collar. It is wide and made of leather or fabric. It consists of two parts, one of which is fixed and ends in two rings, in which a movable part is hooked.

The leash is tied to the moving part of the collar: when the dog pulls on the leash, it stops the train.

Martingale collars for Windunde are very easy to find. And there are many artisans who make them to order and decorate with many colorful fabrics.

Why is the martingale collar used for greyhounds?

The main reason why martingale collars are used for greyhounds is the unique head-to-neck ratio in greyhounds and the fear that many of them have.

If a dog of another breed becomes anxious and tries to escape, he can not remove a normal collar. Because the neck is much narrower than the head and the collar can not slide over his ears.

But in the case of greyhounds, that’s different, they have a very wide neck relative to their head. So if they want to run away, they can escape a normal collar without difficulty.

Since the Martingale collar contracts at the nape of the neck, they can not take off their clothes if they do.

Why the martingale collar is inappropriate

What many greyhound owners do not consider is that the martingale collar does damage. We have already reported on the health problems of dogs on leashes, all of which are caused by prolonged pressure on the neck.

This type of collar causes health problems that almost always occur in dogs wearing collars as punishment or certain exercise collars.

That is, collars that contract constantly around the neck, as well as a martingale collar. Instead of metal spikes, this is done with a fabric strip, but the pressure is still exercised.

Although the Martingale collar for greyhounds has a pressure stop or padded fabric, they overly press on the neck, a very sensitive area on any dog.

Also, some greyhound owners do not think that dogs have muscle memory; these are sensations or memories that are connected with touch.

If the Greyhound is pressured in his previous life or during the abuse of his neck, he will always feel a sense of fear and helplessness when this situation repeats itself.

When the martingale collar contracts, they can never forget that memory. Thus recovery after abuse will be impossible or slower and more difficult. That’s why we recommend another collar.

Alternatives to the martingale collar for greyhounds

Normal collars can not guarantee the safety of a greyhound because it could escape easily. The normal harnesses do not seem to be safe because their chest is so wide.

There are more and more so-called three-point harnesses or escape-proof harnesses. These are normal harnesses that are attached to the chest and ribs of the dog, but have an additional grip point in the lower part of the abdomen; at the thinnest part of the body.

Through this third point, the shortest strip of harness, the dog can not escape. The pressure is exerted on the chest or ribs, which are less sensitive than the neck.

In addition, the dog is safer, as if he only wears a collar. In pain, an abused greyhound can not recover and will continue to be anxious and sad. That’s why we advise against a martingale collar.

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