How does a dog’s brain react when it sees its owner?

The joy of a dog when it sees its owner is obvious. But what is going on in his brain?

Everyone knows that the relationship between a dog and its owner is unique and special. When the four-legged friend sees his master or mistress, he can not hide his feelings. But what happens at that moment in the dog’s brain?

A study carried out by the University of Mexico wanted to find out exactly: What feelings does a dog have when it is with its owner?

How was the study done on the dog’s brain?

Five Collies, a Golden Retriever and a Labrador were chosen to conduct the study. In all dogs, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) was performed by the brain during the tests.

The dogs were subjected to a simple test: they had to look at photos of people and different objects.

The animals did not react to the images of any objects, but the dogs’ brain “activated” when viewing photos with humans.

According to the experts, “this part of the temporal (associative) cortex in dogs could be anatomically and functionally similar to the brain regions of other species, such as humans.”

This finding suggests that dogs, to recognize faces, use a portion of their brain that is very similar to that of the human brain. According to the study, there was a kind of “explosion” of brain activity in the subcortial regions, whereas there was no reaction when the dogs were shown photos of normal subjects.

Thus it could be proved that, contrary to the general belief, our dogs recognize us not only by smell, but also by our facial features and other physical characteristics.

Your dog knows your face and recognizes it from afar! Interesting, right?

This also explains why your pet is so happy when it sees you, while it does not show those feelings to other people. Your four-legged friend is able to walk through streets full of people completely unimpressed, even batting an eyelid, but as soon as he discovers you, he jumps for joy.

Further interesting studies

The more studies we do with animals, the more we realize the great benefits of owning a pet. Here are some studies to summarize that prove just that:

  • Dogs help to reduce stress: One study confirmed that pets relieve stress. You can spare yourself therapies and tablets, you only need time with your four-legged friend. Even in the office pets help against stress!
  • Therapy dogs: Dogs have long been used for therapies with children and adults. It has been shown that the presence of dogs on sick people has a positive effect. Among other things, self-esteem can be strengthened, life becomes meaningful, mobility can be improved …
  • They make us happier: A study showed that pets make happy. They have many advantages, because they not only reduce stress, but also force you to exercise more and give you a lot of love!
  • They belong to the family: pets become part of the family, they adopt you and keep you company.

There are countless studies proving that pets have many health benefits. That’s why we ask ourselves: what can we do for them? Thank you for it and show our love and affection.

Our animals deserve what they give us: unconditional love and boundless loyalty.

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