How do you deal with a battered dog?

Maltreated dogs need special treatment so that they can recover from what happened in their past

The maltreatment of animals is an old problem, but through the internet and social networks, we are now learning more about abandoned and abused animals. Our first reaction to such cases is usually “Oh the poor animal” and we feel sorry for him. Pity, however, does not help the animal itself. We want to show you today how to handle a battered dog.

Pity alone does not help an animal

Emotions are unconscious feelings and we can not suppress them. However, we humans are rational beings and can change the way we think to change the way we feel.

It is quite normal for us to feel compassion, especially when it comes to helpless beings who do not deserve to be hurt. Animals are always victims of their lives and we humans can be extremely cruel.

But still, compassion is a paralyzing feeling. While we feel compassion but do nothing, the situation can not change. Compassion is an emotion that only makes us feel bad, but nothing more … It is a completely useless feeling for those who really need our help.

In some cases, compassion can even turn into self-pity. But even so we do not help our beloved four-legged friends …

Dealing with a battered dog

We humans are capable of a variety of emotions, not just pity. Any emotion that causes us to change the situation of an abandoned or abused animal is much more useful.

To redefine our feelings, we first need to change our way of thinking. A short example: Instead of thinking “Oh, this poor thing”, we should rather ask, “What can I do to protect an animal with such a bad past?” Or “What can I do to help it ? “.

We should transform our compassion into determination, because that is the only way we can really help an abused animal. The sense of determination moves us to really do something for the living beings who need us and not to be inactive.

So we can help those who care for such animals, protect other animals from experiencing the same suffering in the future, or maybe even care for the animal we care about ourselves, so that it will never do anything bad again happens.

However, we can turn our compassion into compassion that resembles the feeling of determination. It lets us stand up for a cause and we make ourselves useful where we are actually needed. Compassion can alleviate suffering and cause us to really want to change a bad situation.

A short example to illustrate: When we see a sick or injured animal on the roadside, we feel pity, sigh briefly and continue. However, if we feel compassion when we discover such an animal on the roadside, that feeling causes us to take this animal to the vet to save it.

Thanks to our determination, we can change the present and the future of this animal. First we will take care of the animal and then we will leave no stone unturned until we find a good family for where it can spend the rest of its life.

It is very easy to turn pity into pride. Instead of regretting what has happened to an abandoned dog, we can instead admire him for his ability to leave all that behind him and be proud of him for overcoming this situation.

Because when dogs are characterized by something, it is their determination, willingness and willingness to overcome problems. Our pride helps us understand the animals, especially dogs, and this great, innate ability.

So we find that we can help the animals much better by treating them with pride rather than compassion. We give the animal the chance to transform from a battered dog into a hero who can overcome any suffering. Our trust gives the animal self-confidence.

Have no sympathy

If we have an abandoned or abused dog in front of us, we can feel its fear and insecurity. We can do a lot to take away his fears, but what we absolutely should not do is to feel sorry for him.

Our compassionate look gives the dog anxiety and anxiety and that although we serve the dog as an orientation. So if we are worried, the dog worries too and can never overcome his fears. For his recovery it is crucial how we treat the abused dog.

However, by showing our pride to these dogs and appreciating their progress, they too will feel pride and confidence. The world is less crowded with worried faces that merely convey fear. Instead, we support these dogs on their way to a better future.

Act in the sense of abused animals

Whenever we read about the mistreatment of animals, we can do much more than feel compassion. For example, we can help the person who has rescued an abandoned animal by sharing in the cost of the vet and the food.

We can also help to find a family for the animal where it can stay forever. Or we join an animal welfare organization fighting against animal abuse and trying to reduce the number of suffering animals.

However, we can also report maltreatment, receive abused animals and take care of them. Any volunteer, any helping hand in a shelter can literally save lives.

With pity alone we achieve nothing. This feeling merely paralyzes us and prevents us from acting. But an abandoned or abused animal needs someone to take care of it.

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