Holidays without fear and panic

Around Christmas and New Year there is a lot of stress for our four-legged friends. The hectic and nervousness of the master and mistress is transferred to sensitive dogs and cats and confuses their mental balance. And to make matters worse, the tiresome noise with bangers and rockets begins at the latest on the day after Christmas and ends only at New Year in the morning.

Too much excitement on Christmas Eve

Grandma, grandfather, mom, dad, children and relatives – all talk happily about each other, the candles burn on the Christmas tree, the star splashes spray; The joy of Christmas is great among the people. Also spaniel Henry enjoys the togetherness. But hangover Garfield squats as a shivering heap of misery under the sofa and is afraid of all the bustle. Because like all velvet paws Garfield is a habit animal and does not like it, if something changes in the everyday life. The changed background noise and the many visitors to the holidays unsettle and distress cats a lot: They crawl, refuse the food or get dirty.

Feliway, the feel-good pheromone for cats, helps against this mental imbalance. This is a scent hormone made up of cats in the lower face area. Thus, velvet paws mark the area in which they feel particularly comfortable. With a characteristic rubbing of the head on objects, they distribute the feel-good pheromone in the room and mark it as stress-free. Researchers have shown that cats in stressful situations stop marking their territory with this fragrance. However, this can be remedied with an exact replica of the feel-good pheromone – contained in the Feliway atomizer. The atomizer is simply plugged into the home in a power outlet and must not be removed for four weeks. After four weeks, the atomizer is empty. The application reduces stress, helps against behavioral problems and increases the well-being of the cat. So that your cat does not have to spend Christmas under the sofa and New Year’s Eve survives without fear, you should get the Feliway atomizer in time with your veterinarian. Plug it in just two weeks before Christmas; the effect is guaranteed.

New Year’s Eve and the days before …

… cause fear and terror for many four-legged friends. The loud farewell to the year with rockets, blasts and other crackers is hard to bear for animals. The four-legged friends often panic, whimper, tremble and crawl or run away in panic. Dogs these days always lead on a leash! This also applies to “bulletproof” dogs. Because an unexpected bang or lightning in close proximity to the body quickly leads to a panic reaction and the four-legged runs away – often straight into a car or the animal runs so far out of sheer fear that it can not find home. This also applies to cats that are allowed outdoors. In addition, panicked velvet paws often climb extremely tall trees, but then shy away the way and the fire department must move out. Therefore it is safer not to let cats into the open at the turn of the year. The highlight of the horror is New Year’s Eve.

Smell hormones not only calm cats

Also for dogs there are soothing pheromones. In this way, female dogs suckling a pheromone, the so-called Dog Appeasing pheromone. This odor hormone calms the puppies and gives them the feeling of safety and security. “D.A.P.” is the synthetic replica of this natural pheromone. D.A.P. is available as a collar and as an atomizer. Both of them precisely copy the odor produced by the dams and are thus aimed directly at the subconscious of the dog, anchoring trust and relaxation there. Since you can not spare your dog the chance to go for a walk around New Year’s Eve, it is best to get both the D.A.P. collar and the nebulizer from your veterinarian. The collar should be placed as close to the fur as possible, as the calming hormone contained in the band is released by the body heat of the dog. The collar releases evenly pacemakers for four weeks and should be worn continuously throughout this period. Just plug the D.A.P. atomizer into the apartment and leave it for four weeks, just like the Feliway atomizer. In this sense: Merry Christmas and a happy new year for your relaxed four-legged friend!

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