Family Friendly Dog Breeds: 5 breeds for families

Anyone who has grown up with a pet himself, wishes that mostly for his children. For animals can not only be faithful companions and friends, but also help to strengthen their sense of responsibility. The most popular pet of the Germans is the cat, but many people want a dog. Sometimes, however, this wish remains unfulfilled, because the conditions for dog ownership are still not right – so before buying a dog, the most important questions should be clarified. Then there is nothing to prevent the entry of a puppy and the family can be extended by a four-legged member.

Can every dog ​​be kept as a family dog?

Basically, of course, all dog breeds can be held by families if they are properly educated and socialized. But not every race suits every family. If you are looking for a robust playmate for your children, you should rather refrain from very delicate dog breeds. This does not mean that you can not hold a chihuahua in the family, but keep in mind his physical condition. When raging wildly, the tiny can hurt itself faster than a larger species. Therefore, children should be able to understand that they have to treat a chihuahua differently than a Newfoundland dog.

In order to find out which dog suits you, you should ask yourself the question of what you and your family would like to do in the future with the dog and what your living circumstances allow before deciding on a breed.

The breed should fit the family

Every four-legged friend wants and must be employed. However, a Hound or Hound will claim your time differently than a Pug. Of course, this also applies to the living conditions: If you live in a house with a garden, you usually have all options – with a flat on the third floor, without a lift, that looks a bit different. Many dog ​​breeds should not climb stairs for health reasons, therefore the four-legged animals would have to be carried. This is no problem for puppies, but at some point every dog ​​is fully grown. And who is already wearing a relaxed St. Bernard on the third floor?

We have listed five popular and family-friendly breeds for you. Of course, you should keep in mind that every dog ​​is an individual. With wrong education, lack of employment or other postural mistakes, even a family-friendly Golden Retriever can become a behavioral “problem dog”. Some mistakes are hard to iron up in hindsight or in some cases can not be ironed out. Therefore, you should also inform about dog training before buying a dog. Comprehensive information about individual breeds can be found in our dog and cat breed portraits.

The classic family dog: The Golden Retriever

The Goldie is one of the most popular dog breeds in Germany and is more or less the classic among the family-friendly dogs. He is sporty, but not too demanding and suitable for many activities.

The Golden Retriever is passionate about retrieving, wants to please his people – so he has a pronounced “will to please” and is therefore eager to learn.

Families looking for an active dog to enjoy play and exercise are well advised to use the Golden Retriever.

For nature lovers and water fans: The Labrador

The Labrador is next to the Golden Retriever to the most popular family dogs and is best known for his love of water. Extensive walks to the nearest lake should not be missed at Labradorhaltern.

The Labrador resembles in its essence the Golden Retriever and also has a pronounced “will to please” (the desire to please humans). As a result, he is usually considered easy to train and educate – but it is of course always on the right “hands”.

The family-friendly dog ​​breed is suitable for people who are athletic and looking for a smart dog, but not quite the high standards of a herding dog.

For sports cannons and dog experienced: The Border Collie

Active families looking for dog sports could be happy with the Border Collie. However, the family-friendly dog ​​is demanding: Only those who can mentally and physically properly support and utilize them should keep a border collie. At best, the Border Collie can live up to its talent for herding.

If you are looking for a family dog, you should be careful not to pick up a dog from a breed in which the dogs are mainly bred for their fitness for work. If he has a job, the Border Collie is a great family dog, right with his will to work and his energy Some owners think it is a bit too good and overwhelm the dog with a permanent employment program. Of course, the balance between effort and recovery should also be balanced in the Border Collie, as the dogs tend to work to the point of exhaustion. Because the four-legged friend is so demanding, you should inform you in case of interest in the breed in any case with a reputable breeder.

If you can not meet the dog, behavioral problems are inevitable and the beloved Border Collie quickly becomes the “problem dog”, which ends up in the shelter at worst. As a first dog, the Border Collie is therefore also rather unsuitable.

For Active: The poodle

His reputation as a dog of older people, the poodle has not quite get rid of – but he is also a great playmate for children. The poodle is considered a cheerful and friendly dog ​​who convinces by his nature.

He likes to move – so romps wildly with the children through the garden. At the same time he is an intelligent and willing to learn companion, who will also give parents a lot of pleasure and is suitable for dog sports. Most poodles are also satisfied with regular hours of play and a lot of movement.

In addition, the poodle has barely haired and is therefore suitable for some allergic persons (before purchasing please be sure to test, because this does not apply to all people!).

Calm, but clever: The St. Bernard

The Saint Bernard is affectionate, patient and therefore also suitable for families with small children. Nevertheless dog and child can not play unattended with each other naturally, since the Bernhardiner with its height and mass can overturn a child also accidentally.

And of course, children should learn from the beginning that the dog is not a big teddy bear to climb on. Due to the breed, the breed has unfortunately lost in sportiness, but fortunately there are efforts in this direction again.

Nevertheless, the Saint Bernard is not necessarily a dog for dog sports – mental activity and long walks he appreciates very much.

The family-friendly dog ​​breed is especially suitable for families who are looking for a large and quiet dog who likes to move and sometimes rages, but does not have to run for hours to be busy.

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