Enjoy the autumn with the dog

The mild autumn weather makes two- and four-legged friends want to exercise as much as possible outdoors. Hiking, cycling and running with the dog are offered. Why not just plan a holiday in the beautiful nature of Austria? Best in a dog-friendly hotel with dog play meadow, agility course and much pampering service for dog and man.

Discover something new while hiking

Dogs love to get to know new terrain on hikes – this offers a variety of unknown exciting smells and thus mental stimulation for clever four-legged friends. Wandering in even terrain can also be lightened up by fun games for Bello & Co. Stick throwing, ball games and spirited romping with other dogs – possibly acquaintances of the dog play meadow of the hotel – make your four-legged friend happy. For more challenging hikes in difficult terrain, however, you should check whether Bello also has enough condition to be able to keep up easily. If not, endurance training is the first thing to do. Through long walks or daily half an hour jogging the quadruped is fit for longer hikes. Overstraining and sore muscles, which can also get animals, are thereby avoided. Puppies and older animals with joint problems or heart disease should not be taken on longer hikes.

If the hike is shorter than five hours, it is not necessary for the four-legged comrades to pack provisions – a few treats are sufficient. Drinking water for the dog in a water bottle, however, must always be carried. If the hike takes longer than five hours, it is best to take dry food with you. Even a small first-aid kit with bandages, circulatory drops and tweezers – if the four-legged has entered something – belongs in the backpack. Also leash and bite basket must not be missing, because in cable cars and in many forests linen and / or muzzle obligation prevails. Apart from that, only really well behaved dogs should be allowed to walk free anyway. Otherwise, there is a risk that the hunting instinct overreaches and the four-legged takes a trail and follows it blindly until he actually caught game. If your dog needs some tuition on education, ask if the hotel also offers a dog trainer.

Running and cycling with the dog

Many hotels offer rental bicycles and wonderful running trails start right in front of the hotel. And, of course, every four-legged friend is happy when he is allowed to accompany his master and mistress while cycling or running. But the pet owner should remember that not every breed is suitable for this physical stress. Well suited are movement-happy, light-built medium to large dogs. Beagle or setters are avid joggers and like to run alongside the bike. Very heavy, possibly short-legged and short-nosed breeds, such as Basset, Pug or Newfoundlander,

are not suitable for these types of movement. Also when cycling and jogging is that the dog must follow the word. If this is not the case, you can use a jogging leash while jogging. This is attached to a waist belt, so you have your hands free. For cycling, there are linen holders in the trade, whose built-in spring balances sudden movements of the dog. When cycling and jogging is true that the pace is aimed at the dog and that always drinking water for the dog must be in stock.

Holiday fun “Agility”

If your dog-friendly hotel also has an agility course in the program, dog and man are challenged athletically. The quadruped must overcome various obstacles – e.g. jump over hurdles or through hoops, crawl through tubes or climb ladders – and master or mistress runs along with the dog, gives instructions and encourages the four-legged friends. A lot of fun for both. Suitable are all lively, healthy and playful dogs.

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