Dog Law in Saxony

In Saxony there are American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Pit Bull Terriers and their crosses on the Races List. In these dogs, a danger is suspected, but can be disproved by a government-approved opinion of a character analysis.

If the danger can not be refuted, these dogs are subject to the requirements of the “Law to protect the population from dangerous dogs (GefHundG)”. For example, they are subject to a prohibition on breeding and trade and the basic attitude is only possible with the permission of the authority.

In addition, other dogs, irrespective of their breed, can become dangerous dogs if, for example, they behave aggressively towards humans / animals, rush game or livestock, or have developed increased aggression due to husbandry, training or breeding.

According to the law, a general leash and muzzle obligation applies to the dangerous dogs in Saxony. In addition, a liability insurance must be completed and it must be attached warning signs at the entrances to the property / apartment.

For the general dog attitude the legal text contains only a section, according to which dogs may not be trained with the goal of an increased aggression. Other rules on dog ownership are the responsibility of local authorities. As a dog owner you should therefore always inform yourself about the local regulations.

Requirements for list dogs (“dangerous dogs”) in Saxony

The following breeds and crosses are considered “dangerous dogs”

List Dogs: American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers and Pit Bull Terriers, as well as any crosses of these breeds

Also considered to be dangerous: All dogs in which a danger in each case was determined

Housing conditions for list dogs (“dangerous dogs”) in Saxony

* The attitude of dangerous dogs requires the permission of the authority.

* For permission, the holder must be of legal age, possess the necessary expertise (expertise examination) and reliability (certificate of good conduct).

* The holder must also take out liability insurance (no minimum coverage required).

* The property / apartment must be appropriately behave and break-proof.

* At the entrances to the property / apartment warning signs must be attached.

* Outside the fenced property / apartment is a general leash and muzzle mandatory for dangerous dogs.

* A person may only carry one dangerous dog at a time.

* Dangerous dogs may not be taken to playgrounds, sunbathing areas or bathing establishments.

* The dangerous dog may only be entrusted to persons who are also of legal age and mentally and physically fit to lead a dangerous dog.

Breeding, sale, delivery and training

* Dogs of the breeds American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier, whose dangerousness has not been refuted, must not be bred.

Dogs of the breeds American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier, whose dangerousness has not been refuted, must not be traded.

* It is forbidden to train dogs with the goal of increased aggression.

* If the dog is handed over to another keeper, the name and address of the new keeper must be reported to the authority.


* The law does not apply to service dogs of federal and state authorities and rescue or disaster control.

* Also excluded are guide dogs, herd use dogs and hunting dogs as part of their purpose.

Costs & Requirements for the Essence Analysis

* The character analysis is to be carried out by a recognized dog expert.

* Costs are around 200 to 300 euros.

* The dog will follow the standardized procedure with 12 different situations

* Among other things, the behavior is checked with aliens, in dog encounters, provoked fear or escape behavior and threats or harassment by third parties.

* The final examination is only valid from the 15th month of life, from the 6th month of life, a preliminary examination for young dogs can be made.

What applies after passing the essence analysis?

If the dog passes the character test, he is not considered a “dangerous dog” for the purpose of the regulation and is exempted from the special conditions.

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