Dog gets stuck in the elevator

knows how to help herself!

Nobody likes to be stuck alone in an elevator, but for a dog that has lost its way, this is a particularly difficult experience. But the four-legged friend has done what a human being would do under these circumstances. He pressed all the buttons, including the emergency button. Do you think that’s surprising? Maybe it’s just another example of how dogs are very intelligent.

The story of a dog stuck in the elevator of the Barcelona subway

It happened in line 11 of the Barcelona subway: in the security and civil protection center of the means of transport, a call for help came from an elevator connecting the street with the platform.

On the camera was a dog to see, which had triggered the emergency call.

The dog wearing a collar had apparently been lost and disoriented when released from his temporary prison. The police took care of him and probably brought him back to his owners.

Do you know the story of the four-legged friend who was locked up in an elevator in the Barcelona Metro? To save himself, the dog did what every human being would do: he pushed all the buttons within reach.

The dog has done what he probably observed with his owner

The truth is that the dog did what he had observed countless times with his owner. He pressed the elevator buttons to open the doors. If it works for humans, why would not it work for them?

Our four-legged friends are great observers and very intelligent. Also, scientific studies prove time and again, what attentive owners have long known about their pet.

The Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy defines the word intelligence as the ability to understand and solve problems. Is there any doubt that this description fits perfectly on a dog?

The intelligence of our four-legged friends

Current research shows that dog cognitive skills are very similar to those of a small child. For example, they are able to understand vocabulary by inference and exclusion. Some dogs can even relate abstract formulations to concrete objects.

But in addition to their natural intelligence, dogs have been accompanying humans for more than 40,000 years. It is normal that in so many centuries, through observation, they know all our tricks and know exactly what we do and how we do it, including pressing the elevator button to open the door.

And so they can copy and imitate us. In one of the many studies conducted, the participating dogs should open a door. The animals were divided into two groups. One group was able to watch people open the door. The other group had to try their own methods.

The dogs, which had a human role model, learned much faster. The conclusion was that dogs find a solution faster if they see it with someone else.

Ravishing manipulators that even push the buttons of an elevator

As if that was not enough, our dear four-legged friends also know how to manipulate us. Did you already notice or at least suspected that?

A recent study has shown that dogs deceive us and adapt their behavior as they need it. And they pretend to get what they are looking for. Besides, they understand very well what we tell them. But above all, as we say.

And yes, some say that they only lack the language. But they already have their own language. You just have to learn to interpret them.

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