Cat scratcher Cat021-The plush classic

Cat scratcher Cat021 is a Happypet product distributed by Primopet GmbH. The company not only offers many products of the pet market, but also goods from the areas of living, sports and leisure or wellness.

Primopet attaches particular importance to a diverse product range. In addition, the goods should convince the company but also in terms of price and quality. So the manufacturer writes about his scratching posts: “We pay attention to a functional construction in top quality.” This would explain why the scratching post for 128.95 euros is one of the absolute bestsellers on the Internet. But is the cat tree really as good as its placement suggests? Or is the product only bought because of the comparably low price?

Construction and design

With a size of 1.86 meters, the cat tree of Happypet is definitely one of the larger scratching posts and therefore consists of a relatively large number of individual elements and screws of different lengths. Especially the sisal columns differ in their size partially only minimally, so that an accurate sorting of all screws and logs is useful to avoid annoying errors in the structure.

We did not need any additional tools when assembling, as the screw set was supplied with a suitable Allen key which could easily be used to screw all cat scratch elements together. However, for smaller people, we recommend providing a stepladder to facilitate mounting the topmost scratching post.

The manual itself is quite sparse and a bit confusing. So we had to make sure during construction more often, which Kratzsäulen actually belonged in which place.

As an inexperienced handyman, the construction can take a bit longer. After 40 minutes at the latest, however, every cat owner should be able to look forward to a completely assembled cat tree.

Cat scratch test: the design

Although you get the Happypet Cat021 no unusual designer piece in the house. Nevertheless, the cat tree at first glance makes a very solid impression and does not look cheap or glued together quickly.

Available in the colors gray and beige, as well as a relatively neutral overall design, the cat tree will fit well into many apartments. But if you decide on the Cat021, you should already be a plush enthusiast. Because the whole tree is covered with the fluffy material.

In addition to plush, the second “cat tree standard material” sisal – is represented on Cat021 and adorns all the pillars of the cat tree.

Although the Happypet is quite large, it also takes away comparatively little space, as it hardly goes into the width. Thanks to its rectangular format, it can also be positioned well in a corner.

Its simple design makes the Cat021 versatile. Unfortunately, we had some minor confusion problems when setting up, which was not least due to the confusing instructions. Overall, we therefore award 3.9 out of five stars.

Fun and value for money

For a price of 128.95 euros get velvet paws with the Cat021 a really varied cat tree: At the foot of the cat accessories, for example, is a scratch roller. In addition, a long Sisaltau, and attached to a rubber band coat mouse to provide the girls with sufficient employment opportunities. Once the velvet paws have let off steam, they can make themselves comfortable on several lying areas or in the reclining tube as well as the cuddly cave.

The latter, however, seems a bit too small for particularly large cats. In addition, she does not seem particularly inviting because she cobbled together from pressed cardboard and the interior is not covered with plush.

On the other hand, we liked the numerous scratching possibilities on Cat021 very well. So there are conspicuously many sisal trunks compared to many other models as well as the already mentioned Sisaltau and the scratching roller at the foot of the scratching post.

Of course, it would have been optimal if at least one of the trunks had not been interrupted by a lying or sitting area. This would have enabled the cat to be able to stretch or climb the trunk lengthwise.

We also liked the top mattress on the scratching post: At a height of 1.86, it offers cats an absolute overview. But even here there is potential for optimization: Unfortunately, the plane is fastened from above with screws, so that the metal heads look out and possibly hooked with their claws. Remedy would create so-called caps. These could easily be put over the screws, which could significantly reduce the risk of injury. Alternatively, it is recommended for cat owners, a blanket or a cat pillow over it If you do not want to get the velvet paw off the screws. If you bring the cat tree Cat021 from Happypet into your house, you will definitely get a lot for your money. Although there are smaller points that could have been solved better, but due to the many positive features we have decided to rate the scratching post in the fun and value for money category with the test rating “good”.

Material and workmanship

As already mentioned, the Happypet Cat021 made a solid impression at first sight. Although the scratching post lost a few lint during construction, all plush surfaces seemed soft and well glued. Even when we put it on, we could not pull the fluffy material off the scratching tree.

We also liked the processed sisal: on the one hand a few loose sisal threads hung out. On the other hand, the material was well glued and could not easily be pushed back and forth.

But also the Happypet Cat021 has its weak points: A scratching column was not completely wrapped in sisal, which caused some compressed cardboard to stick out. And the cat tree cave seemed – as already noted in the category fun and value for money – comparatively poorly processed: The insides of the cave were not covered with plush, so that the naked pressed cardboard was visible. That did not make us feel very comfortable. In addition, the seam in the cavity seemed to be poorly glued because glue residues were visible.

Nonetheless, the catfish Happypet Cat021 was able to score points with the quality of its materials in the Scratching Tree Test, leaving the competition at 4.3 stars.


Compared to our other test candidates, we found the cat tree of Primopet GmbH to be quite stable. This is not least due to the sisal trunks, which provide a diameter of 11.5 centimeters for a necessary degree of stability. The rounded base plate (3.5 centimeters in diameter) and the individual platforms (2.5 centimeters in diameter) also make their contribution to stability. In our estimation, you can let your baby teddy bear frolic on the cat accessories without any hesitation and do not have to worry that the kitty immediately outlines the entire scratching tree in case of a particularly strong jump.

Nevertheless, the Cat021 is not completely indestructible. Thus, the stability could be further optimized by a larger floor plate. Fortunately, due to its angular shape, it is possible to place the scratching post in a corner and possibly fasten it to the wall with screws.

We also see critically the cubicles that are attached to the side of the tree: these could easily be bent down without much effort. Whether you can permanently withstand a full-grown cat of up to six kilograms?

Since the test candidate of Primopet compared to the scratching tree test competition nevertheless appeared much steadier, we awarded in the category stability 4.5 stars.

Easy care: the dirt test

The cat021 cat tree by Happypet is available in two different colors: We chose our cat scratch test for the model in gray, where dirt and stains are probably less recognizable than the beige pendent.

Nonetheless, we would also have wished that the individual covers were removable and washable, as heavy soiling would be difficult to remove with a cloth or sponge.

To check for at least superficial dirt from the plushy material, we rubbed a small area at the foot of the cat tree with a mixture of soil, water and grass, and then left everything to dry overnight.

As with all other scratching posts, we were also surprised at the Cat021, how well our mixture was dribbled out of the plush: a dry cloth was enough to remove all the residue effortlessly.

Although Primopet’s scratching post was easy to get rid of light soiling, we did not have the option of removable covers (as with almost all other test models). Therefore we award four stars in the category Easy Care.

Robustness and practice test in the shelter Hanover

In the categories stability, fun and workmanship, the Happypet cat scratching post from Primopet achieved good results in our cat tree test. But do the cat accessories also appeal to the kitty? We were looking forward to the test result of our subjects – Kala and Kalmann, two jet black velvet paws at the age of two and three years from the shelter Hannover.Für the first contact with the scratching tree both girls looked quite unimpressed and seemed to have little desire for a reconnaissance tour. With a little patience, we were able to lure the two at short notice on the cat tree, so that at least cat Kala looked at the Cat021 a little closer. However, the enthusiasm was limited: toys such as the scratch roller and the Sisaltau were not used and the recliner was not well: Kala put only twice her head through the opening, but then gave the shelter no further attention.

Also with Kalmann no big interest was recognizable for the scratching tree. He just looked at the individual scratching planes and tested a couch with his paw. However, she appeared to be too uncertain, so he pulled back the paw shortly thereafter.

Neither of the two subjects became really warm with the test product. However, it seemed that this was mainly related to the mentality of the cats: While Kala was very cuddly and focused on people, Kalmann seemed a bit scared by our visit.

Although our test subjects reacted rather cautiously to the scratching post, the conclusion of the shelter was very positive after nearly two weeks of practical testing: “This cat tree has arrived best in the cats. Especially the upper surfaces are very much used. In addition, some levels are so large that two or three cats can cuddle next to each other, “explains zookeeper Christiane John and praises also:” The trunks are compared to the other scratching posts very large and wide, so that the cat Scratching can stretch. ”

Nevertheless, there were also some minor issues with the Happypet Cat021: “Many elements, such as the cave or the scratching roller, are too small for this scratching post.”, Explains the zookeeper and also complains that the sisal rope is too rigid and too little to play.

Nonetheless, Happypet’s Cat021 clearly wins the field test as material and workmanship easily withstood the two-week trial at the shelter. That’s why Christiane John awarded four out of five stars in her final verdict.

Conclusion: Happypet Cat021

Although the Happypet Cat021 with a price of 128.95 euros still among the comparatively cheap scratching posts, he has been the most expensive representative in our scratching tree test – and rightly so: Although the structure was slightly more complex, in the categories material and Processing and stability, the gray giant could convince us, however.

Of course, you can not say how durable the cat’s accessory really is after just under two weeks of practical testing. For its relatively low price, the Cat021 but offers a solid quality and with a height of 1.86 meters also plenty of space for clawing and romping.

Of course you can not compare the Happypet Cat Tree with handmade and customizable models. However, if you are looking for a reasonably solid tree with a good price performance ratio, the Cat021 could be just the thing for you.

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