Buying a horse: which horse suits me?

The dream of owning a horse

For many horse enthusiasts owning a horse is the absolute dream. Once all the important questions about husbandry and care have been clarified, it can finally start with the search for a suitable animal. But which horse is the right one? And what do you have to pay attention to when choosing?

First, you should consider what you want to use the animal as a priority. For this it is helpful to compile a checklist with qualifications and characteristics of the future dream horse. In addition to your horse needs, you must also realistically assess your own riding skills. Because only then you can find an animal companion, which suits you in the long term.

Which breed is right for me?

Again and again, horse enthusiasts tend to commit themselves to a specific breed when buying a horse. In most cases, however, this does not make sense, since no horse is like the other and a race can not necessarily be linked to certain traits. Much more important and a good basis for a long-lasting friendship between man and horse is a coherent chemistry between both parties.

Anyone who wants to restrict his search but something and already has an accurate idea of ​​where he wants to use mare, stallion or gelding, can deal with a little more detail with the different horse types to which the individual breeds are subordinate. We have put together an overview in our article “Horse Types: This differentiates between Warmblood, Thoroughbred and Heavy Blood”.

The gender of the horse plays a minor role in the purchase of horses

Gender is often used as an important selection criterion when purchasing horses, but must never be overstated. Whether mare, stallion or gelding – each horse has an individual character and related strengths and weaknesses.

As a beginner one should refrain as far as possible from buying a full-grown stallion. This is usually characterized by a very spirited nature and sometimes tends to increased aggressiveness. In many cases, therefore, he needs a consistent but loving education and belongs in experienced hands.

Even mares can make their rider so many times. Although they are usually easier to handle than stallions, they sometimes become “bitchy” and unpredictable in phases of rudeness. After all, the word “mare’s biting” does not come by accident.

Riding beginners are therefore often recommended a gelding. This is already castrated and should therefore be particularly quiet and pleasant to deal with.

Size and weight of horse and rider should be well coordinated

While the sex plays a rather subordinate role in the purchase of horses, size and weight of horse and rider must be well coordinated. To avoid overloading the bones and joints, a horse should never wear more than 20 percent of its own weight. In addition, it is advisable to make sure that the size of the rider and the height at the withers are approximately identical. Of course, it does not matter to every inch. If the rider’s weight is unproblematic and the human and horse harmonize very well with each other, a slightly smaller stick size is also conceivable. But mare, gelding or stallion should not be too big. Otherwise, it can cause problems when climbing, saddling or cleaning.

Young horses are generally unsuitable for beginners

No matter if you are looking for a horse for dressage or western riding – as a beginner it is recommended to buy a well trained animal with a lot of riding experience. Of often rather impetuous juveniles you should better keep your hands off. Well-known bloodlines or a pronounced jumping talent are initially secondary. Pay attention, however, to a balanced and good-natured character of the animal. It should react calmly and calmly in all situations and should not be disturbed by the external environment or by the mistakes of an inexperienced rider. Of course, the equanimity of the horse must never turn into indifference. Because nothing is worse than a horse who loses his pleasure in the middle of riding lessons and begins to graze in the saddle with a helpless rider.

Although regular training and education are very important, not every animal can be trained as a beginner horse. A special genetic predisposition should bring the horse already by itself. For this reason, it is not so easy to find a suitable beginner horse and the price of the animal is usually high accordingly.

Therefore, at the beginning of your riding career you should think twice about whether to buy your own animal makes sense. Often it is better to put his skills and knowledge in dealing with horses to the test in the form of riding participation and only then to search for a suitable horse.

Horses for advanced

If you spent many years on horseback and gained experience in horse training, you can look for the purchase of horses for young animals between three and four years. So you have the opportunity to make an important contribution to the education of the horse and train it to your own ideas. Before buying a young horse, however, you should be aware that the training of the horse takes a lot of time. So it can take up to two years before the animal is even familiar with the most important basics.

In addition, there are always horse lovers who are interested in raising a foal. The purchase of such a young animal, however, is not risk-free: Who buys the foal from two renowned showjumping horses, for example, can not be sure for a long time that the young animal turns out to be a natural talent in equestrian sport. After all, the development of a foal is difficult to predict and you have to invest at least three years in training before it turns out that the animal is even suitable for equitation.

Buying horses: Take your time and be patient

No matter how detailed you deal with the different horse types and how well you have prepared your checklist for buying horses: The absolute dream horse can not be found overnight. Therefore take a lot of time and listen in peace to breeders and horse dealers.

To be sure that the chemistry between horse and rider is right, you should try all the shortlisted candidates and then decide on a particular horse.

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