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Best Parakeet Food

Food is essential for all living organisms including humans as well as for animals.

Feed your parakeet properly for their health as it is necessary for their growth.

Your parakeet should have different options to eat every day according to general diet like:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Soft foods

Seed mix never provides adequate nutrition to your bird so provide your parakeet balanced diet.

Different ingredients are included in a balanced diet of parakeets for their proper growth. Picking up the best parakeet food is not easy when hundreds of options are available in the market. It is a mind-blogging task to decide.

Some of recommended best parakeet food mentioned here

Top Products

  • Hagen Tropicana
  • Kaytee Fiesta Macaw food
  • Wild harvest
  • Vita Kraft
  • Higgins Vita food

Hagen Tropicana

Parkeet food

Our parakeet loves this item I would feed over other pellets.

By using this product costumers are satisfied. The ingredients and quality of the food from the Hari is extremely high vs other mfg.


This is the product of the Hari brand and is available in stick form. Also available in apple, banana, and rice flavors.

  • These food sticks are great for all parrots as breeding food, birds need higher protein extra nutrition during illness.
  • No artificial color, preservatives.
  • Scientifically formulated as a completely balanced diet
  • The ¾ -inch curl size sticks are the perfect size for all types of parrots.
  • A wholesome and nutritious blend made with peanuts and sunflower.
  • Shell free and less waste.
  • Promote Healthy Feathers.
  • Feed according to requirement otherwise can cause an issue
  • Large quantity or overdose affects their metabolism rate
  • Overdose can disturb the digestive system
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Kaytee Fiesta Macaw Food


This is the best product I find ever I am giving it to my parakeet since she was born. Her father’s look so shiny and healthy and never been sick. I trust Katye fully.


This is the product of the brand Katye and the item form of this product is chunks and available in fruit flavor.

  • Nutritionally fortified gourmet food.
  • Omega 3 for brain and heart health.
  • Contain fruit, nuts, veggies, and textures of natural variety.

Pros & Cons

  • Contain exact nutrition for brighter plumage.
  • Product contain prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive system.
  • Several fatty ingredients.
  • Quality is not consistent
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 Wild Harvest


Bought this for a new backyard bird feeder and it seems very popular among the birds. When I started to give it to birds I feel they are growing well and enjoying their meal.


This is the product of brand wild harvest and its item form is seeds.

  • Blend for small birds enriched with vitamins and minerals small birds need to support healthy skin and shiny feathers.
  • Contains premium seeds that small birds love.

  • It supports healthy skin and shiny feathers with great taste they cannot resist.
  • Traces of melamine
  • Some non-edible ingredients

Product 4: Vita Kraft


My budgies love this and love the flavor and gorge themselves on it when I add it to their seed mix and is amazing.


This is the product of brand vita kraft. And its item form is the seed and is available in other flavors.

  • Peak health formula
  • Egg food daily supplement
  • Beneficial at times of stress and as a carrier of vitamins and medications.

  • Great for molting
  • Premium egg supplement
  • With amino acids and vitamins, A, D, E, K
  • Might have large nuts
  • Unpleasant smell

Product 5: Higgins via seed


A great variety of good food quick shipment has used over 30 years. Parrots’ favorite food. Very good variety of seed. It has no food coloring and junk. It seems like very healthy food.


This is the product of brand Higgins. And its item form is the seed. It is available in banana flavor.



  • Maintains immunity.
  • Good health and digestive system.


  • Not available in another flavor.

Buying guide

Parakeets are one of the most popular pets around the world. Taking care of them is a lot of fun but it is a big responsibility too.


Seeds are concentrated with that are ideal for adding caloric value to your pet diet. For example, sunflower seeds are filled with many essential oil, proteins and amino acids that support your bird growth.

If you don’t give your parakeet any supplement for them, remember to check if the product has enough nuts provided with adequate nutrition.

The most common food for parakeets includes:


These are the small bird’s favorite food and it is easiest for pet owners to buy and provide. However, seeds alone cannot provide a nutritious diet.

Seeds-only diet not meet the calcium requirement, nor do they meet protein requirement. These are also genetically modified as they are grown for cooking oil.

Meaning these are not the seeds found in wild, but less healthy food packed with fats can cause obesity to our parakeet. Optimal parakeet diet will be one where 10% to 20% parakeet diet is seed.


Many times, new parakeet buyer find pellets a way to easily feed. We are looking for quick fixes but all we not it not ends up well.

With our busy schedules most of pet owners assume that pellets are the balanced diets but that is not true. Pellets and seeds only are not the balanced diets for your parakeets.

The nutritious element found in pellets lead to gout, vitamin D toxicity. Most pellets are made of grains so you have to be aware that they do not compensate for the other things you have to feed your parakeets.

Fruits and Veggies

As a great source of vitamins and minerals vegetables and fruits should be included in daily parakeet diet.


Nuts and legumes like garbanzo, lentils and beans are the best source of proteins for a playful and healthy parakeet.

What to feed a parakeet?

Diet that includes carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, minerals a food derived from nuts, fruit, veggies these all things are present in the products that are mentioned above.

 The best place to buy a parakeet food

Most of the best feed brand are available at most of the online reliable retailers.

 Parakeets’ food that are not considered safe

Mushrooms are fugus and some species are toxic so it is not safe.

Spoiled food, remove all the uneaten food and replace with fresh batch.

Avocado including guacamole it is not safe.

Chocolate it is toxic to many animals including birds.

Junk food chips Cheetos candy.

Onion excessive amount can cause digestive discomfort, anemia.

Egg plants contain toxic solanine.

Price Range

Haggen Tropicana is available at the price of $30-40

Kaytee is available at the price of $10-20

Wild harvest is available at the price of $5-10

Vita kraft is available at the price of $5-7Higgins via seed is available at the price of $10-17.


Haggen Tropicana

What’s the difference between the Biscuits and the Sticks?


The difference is the shape. The biscuits are larger morsels for larger birds or birds who like to hold their food on their feet to eat.

What is the shelf life of the high- performance Tropicana food sticks?

The 20-pound bag is vacuum-sealed and has best used by date that is typically 9-12 months out. Once we open the bag, we take out 3-4 weeks’ worth and put it into a Rubbermaid 3-quart plastic container.

Can this food be soaked with water for weaning birds?

Absolutely No. It solidifies in the gut. Exact has a baby bird formula for pet birds. For wild baby birds purée meal worms with a mush of cat food. Make it apple sauce consistency.



Kaytee FAQs

Does this cause the feathers to stain?


No… I have never had that happen. I have been using this food since my African Grey was a baby…. she is now 18 yrs. old.

Is this ok for Indian Ringnecks?


I have been feeding it to mine for a long time but she is very picky. And what she hates goes on my floor. I add fruit pellets for nutrition. The last couple of bags have hatched little moths which are awful and fly all over my house and rebreed and get in clothes and blankets.

Does this cause the feathers to stain?

I have a female lutino cockatiel and she’s been eating this food and noticed green stains on her feathers


No, I have not notice any stain and this is the food that our lovebird prefers so we have used it for quite a while.

Wild harvest FAQs


Is it non-Gmo?


This product is not certified non-GMO. For more help contact Wild Harvest at

Bottom of Form


Do larger birds like this seed?


I’ve noticed birds as large as the European turtle dove enjoying the seeds. Cardinals and all medium-sized to small bird’s flock! So glad that I got this brand.


Bottom of Form


How many pounds are there in this bag?


Thank you for asking! There are 3 lbs. in this bag.

Vita kraft FAQs

Can you just mix this with their regular food in a container at room temperature? Or does it need to be in the fridge?


Vita kraft Peak Health egg food only needs to be refrigerated if it is moistened.


Bottom of Form

Dissolve in water easily?


NO water at all. You put it in a dish and they eat the way it comes.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form


Can it be fed wet?


If I’m remembering correctly, you can use it wet. I raise doves and they eat it dry. And, they love it.

Higgins FAQs

Typical questions asked about products:

–  Is the item durable?

–  Is this item easy to use?

–  What are the dimensions of this item?


By using these items for parakeets will live healthier and longer these items are recommended for their good diet. The items recommended are best parakeets food items you can use easily.























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