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If you have a dog who has a habit of sitting with other pets you know how much essential for you to know that, where your dog is all the time.

We have discovered several dog GPS collar trackers. Some dogs are masterminds in escaping that’s why a GPS collar determines their location.

Collartells us about the pros and cons so you can easily make a better decision about that.

It helps to design your dog’s activities, residences, and many more things.

The GPS collars used more than one device at a time, to explore their data.

It might be too small rather than your dog or easily fit their collars.

Also, a health tracker, make sure that the dog’s getting enough exercise, the right quantity of food.

you would be able to track your dog’s condition and also check out their behaviors.

These collars can assure you that your pets are highly safe and healthy.

Top products:

There are many collars which we use to get more information about our pets. Such as whistle go, whistle fit, Tractive LTE GPS dog collar, pet pace smart collar, etc.

1. Whistle go:

The whistle go is easy to use by dogs. You can monitor your puppy’s activities through that device. It will inform you when your puppy leaves its specific place or tell you about its exact location.


The Whistle goes collar to resolve problems or queries while setting a new trick in the process. Also have a long battery timing, easy to charge despite it can track the location of your legged pal.


You can set out a ritual goal for your dogs. It provides a reasonable monthly subscription plan. with the help of a whistle, the device supports many safe places. so you can choose your choice.

  • No need for a base station
  • Go along battery timing track daily starts.
  • Use for multiple pets
  • No GPS location tracking
  • Need to have a subscription plan.
  • We must have been needed a Wi-Fi connection.

2. Whistle fit:

The Whistle fit is a reasonable pet activity and health tracker that make sure that your dog needs enough exercise, food, sleeping licking, and finding out its medical issues.


The collar has real data about pets when they are getting tired or allows us to give our pets treatment.. I used that collar with my sweet friend, with that app I did not feel any trouble searching about my puppy activity goal.


A Whistle is one of the most affordable offers health fitness features and gives you feedback about health and fitness capacity. Whistle says that much itching can create skin poison.

  • Long battery life
  • Set activity goals and food portion
  • Provide not an exact location
  • Need of subscription

3. Tractive LTE GPS Dog  Tracker:

Tractive GPS is lightweight designed.LTE  is fully waterproof for pets who like to swim or wander around in the mud. One of the unique things is if you want to keep a closer eye on your puppy you can go its live mode and get updates every 2-3 seconds.


You can find it much effective in searching your pet location by receiving a notification.Has a secure or strong connection. This Can help to check battery life easily.


Tractive GPS connects available networks all over the world and tracks your pet from anywhere doesn’t matter how far away your pet is from you. That device point out the exact time location of your friend.

  • Fully waterproof
  • Long battery life
  • Subscription plan required
  • Poor cell service

4. Pet pace smart collar:

The pet pace smart collar offers complete health checking for your pet especially for the sick. It gives you more peace of mind in that form your friend is totally fine and has good health. With that microchip to ensure that your pets come back in the case when they get lost.


The pet pace collar measures your dog one or more activities at a time and gives more attention to your pet’s health. In that way can save a lot of money. I have used the tracker, it has greatly helped me to monitor my friend’s vitals.


The pet pace has a variety of sizes and is easily fixed to all collars. Its battery ends up within six weeks and the collar communicates with you through the base station.

  • Monitor temperature and calories
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive, especially with a subscription fee

5. Link AKC smart dog collar:

A GPS smart is a plain and functional device or looks more attractive without hardness in terms of performance. our collar is naturally bent to set in any dog’s neck.


I find it a more accurate tracker, very easy to use. Has a much better setup with a link to you near or far away.It gives you alerts about temperature, light, and soundproof.


The remote control LED light on the collar is very helpful at night to walk.

Set out a safe zone alert when pet wanders where they should not find.

Has a much better setup with a link to you near or far away

  • A vast variety of sizes to suit
  • Reasonable subscription
  • Light and sound
  • Remote controlled
  • Need of a service plan
  • Required a base station
  • A huge size

Buying guide:

There are many important features that you want in that device.

Having more flexibility in a range as you can go in satellite tracking.

You receive a notification when your pet is out of range.

To find out your dogs are getting enough exercise and how much food have eaten, so the fit whistle makes it easy.



Q: What is activity does it monitor?

It gives you information about the health, fitness, and location of your pet.

Q:  What range does the tracker have to be needed?

GPS collar has a maximum range to connect anywhere, where signals are available.

Q: How long has been the battery timing?

The battery ends up to 140 hours of live GPS collar data.

Q: How far does a smart collar work?

GPS tracking allows you to have accurate information within three meters.

Q: what do the collars beneficial for dogs?

Yes. That collar is designed for most friends  a dog as well

Q: Do GPS collars need data?

Most GPS trackers have a great need for an internet connection, via a network AT&GT or satellite.

Q: Does it can be possible to get a waterproof  GPS device?

No doubts. most of the models we have discovered are waterproofed.


Every year millions of pets are missing so with the help of these collars you can easily know that your valuable pets are not among your’s data. The GPS collars briefly describe your pet’s movements or have no limitations to any specific animal. I hope you will notify accurate data through that collars and also you may specify stress and skin issues of your four-legged pal.

In addition, to tracking your pet’s activity, a distance of walking,  calories burned, resting hours, and get alerts about their behavior changes.

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