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For weeks you have waited eagerly for your puppy and now the time has come: The move into the new home is imminent. But what do you have to consider before the little four-legged friend can move in with you and your family? What sources of danger might lurk in your household? With our series “A puppy moves in” we would like to help you to prepare properly for the puppy’s entry, to inform you about puppy accessories and to provide valuable education tips for puppies.

Prepare the home for the puppy

Before you pick up the puppy at the breeder, you should make your home puppy safe first. Potential dangers should not be within reach of the puppy. These include poisonous indoor plants (eg ivy) or food (eg chocolate) as well as power cables – if the little quadruped tests his deciduous teeth on it, it can have life-threatening consequences for him. You should also secure stairs so that the puppy does not accidentally crash. For example, stair gates are suitable for small children. In the first weeks puppies need a lot of attention. If you are working, you should therefore take a holiday in time. So you can take special care of your darling and his education.

Buy the right accessory: dog toy & dog bed

For the puppy, the world around him is incredibly exciting. So that the little four-legged friends do not bother with your device, you should provide him with enough dog toys. Many manufacturers now offer puppy-friendly toys, which has the right hardness and size for the small dog teeth. Buy quality products that will not splinter or break, so your puppy will not hurt. Nevertheless, you should not let him out of his sight while playing.

Despite toys, a puppy in the house can sometimes break something. Keep in mind that the kid does not do anything bad and is just curious. Before the puppy moves in, make sure you have what’s most important to you. For example, an expensive rug or your best pair of shoes should not be within range of the four-legged friend. From playing and romping the puppy will quickly get tired. In general, the little ones still sleep a lot – preferably, of course, where it is warm and comfortable. Dog beds, blankets and baskets are available in different designs.

Since puppies like to chew, nibble and tug on all objects, you should prefer a sturdy dog ​​bed. A separate sleeping space is essential for the puppy. He should also be able to withdraw from these if he wants to be left alone. But where should the dog sleep place be?

The right place for the basket: why the puppy does not belong in the nursery

Dogs are very social and need contact with their people. Therefore, do not banish your puppy in a barely used room, but let him participate in the family life. In the living room of the four-legged friends is in good hands – in the nursery has the dog basket, however, lost nothing. Small four- and two-legged people should only play under supervision. A puppy can get a bit cocky or rough in the game, even if he does not mean it bad. He just does not understand that he can not tug a child like one of his siblings on the ear or tweak in the side.

Even if you are frightened, you should keep calm and not get loud or punish the four-legged friend. Instead, you can finish the game without comment and ignore it for a moment. As a rule, ignorance is enough punishment for the puppy.

Children usually close the puppy in the heart immediately and would like to cuddle or play with him all the time. Often they can not judge when the puppy needs a break. Also, the dog bed should not be in the nursery and you should pay particular attention that the puppy is not overwhelmed.

The right equipment for the first trips: The puppy harness

The first walks with your puppy will be very short. Even if he has to get used to everyday noises, you must not overwhelm him with new impressions. If he simply sits down during the walk, he is most likely already exhausted. A few minutes should therefore not exceed the first walks. The time you can then gradually expand up to half an hour. In the beginning, the puppy should just do his business in the fresh air, have a little sniff and play, before he is allowed to return to the warm and safe home.

Nevertheless, include a suitable puppy harness and a leash as well as water and food bowl in any case for the initial equipment. Ask the breeder for the correct measurements or take them yourself if you visit the puppy for the last time just before pickup. A puppy harness should protect the bones of the puppy and of course not be too tight.

The time has come: The puppy is picked up and the drive home is on

If you have made your home puppy safe and prepared for the little four-legged friend, nothing stands in the way of his entry. Of course, the pickup day is exciting for everyone involved, but for the puppy it is also associated with stress and anxiety. He is torn from his usual environment and separated from his family. Try to be as relaxed and patient as possible. With so much excitement, a small mishap can happen to the little four-legged friend: Take some old towels with you into the car. If you are planning a long drive, plan several short breaks in which the puppy can do his business. Some dogs get sick while driving – you should also be prepared for that and never scold the puppy should he vomit.

Finally, your animal family member has arrived at your place! The next days and weeks will be particularly exciting for everyone involved. How you can help your puppy to get used to what you should consider when changing your diet and which steps are the first on the way to housebreaking, you will learn in

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