Baby and dog: Tips for a good friendship

The dog should not be misplaced by the new family member, otherwise he can show destructive behavior, which can go wrong.

Still, there are many families who expose their pet or look for a new family for the animal, when they realize that soon to be family offspring is expected. They are not aware that pets for children are a wonderful company and experience. You can prepare baby and dog for each other so that an animal friendship can develop.

Your dog knows that a baby is coming

Your dog may even know that in front of you. Dogs can smell hormone changes and know when a woman is pregnant. Their sense of smell is excellent and informs them that changes are taking place in your body.

The fur nose already knows that a baby is to be expected, but nevertheless certain precautions are important, so that a safe and pleasant coexistence can be granted.

Changes for baby and dog

A baby brings many changes not only for the parents, the pet must be prepared for it. It may change before the baby is born. Your dog may be with you, especially during the last weeks of pregnancy, because you are at home and have time for walks and games.

But then the dog stays alone for a long time, because the family is in the hospital. This means great stress for the fur nose, which in turn can lead to behavioral problems. The dog can be destructive or bark excessively loud or long.

To prevent the dog from feeling alone for a long time, you can ask someone in the family or a friend if he can take care of him a bit. Someone has to feed him and turn the familiar gas wand with him.

Even before the baby is born, you should set up new rules that the dog must follow: For example, he may not go to a certain room and must already learn this a few weeks before the baby is there. The changes can be so slowly introduced into everyday life, which makes things easier.

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Your dog knows that a baby comes into the family, but you should prepare him accordingly. You have to be sure that your four-legged friend will not hurt the baby, but it can happen anyway, so you need to take certain precautions.

  • You should use a quiet moment to introduce baby and dog to each other. The dog should not be upset. He should approach slowly, because if the dog is nervous, it could lead to an accident.
  • If your dog does not want to approach, leave him his room. He already knows that there is a new family member now, you do not have to put pressure on him.

Your pet is still important!

Of course your baby now needs a lot of time, attention and love and you may have less time for your dog. However, you should still keep the usual routines and pay attention to your dog.

Your dog should not feel neglected, play with him and go for a walk with him. Friends or family members can also help you entertain the dog.

For all pets, not just cats or dogs, the same advice applies: they should feel important and loved. If this is not the case, behavioral problems can arise because the animal needs your attention. It is better to take time for the animal than to rant.

Always under supervision

Even if your pet lovingly treats your baby and takes it with joy, do not forget that you should never leave them alone! There could be an accident or a misunderstanding. Do not allow this.

For example, many cats like to sleep next to the baby, sometimes on the baby, or they tap the baby’s tail without wishing to harm. This can also happen in dogs. You may want to approach the new family member and accidentally scratch or lick it off.

Even if the baby is a bit bigger, you should always supervise it, because the safety is in the foreground. Always give the animal the opportunity to leave when it feels crowded and create a calm, relaxed atmosphere without excitement.

Animals recognize a pregnancy and know the new family member before it is born. Nevertheless, you should be careful at the first approach and also after that to avoid misunderstandings or accidents from the outset.

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