A useful companion: Bicycle trailer for dogs

If your dog is still a puppy, too old or has a health problem, bike trailers for dogs can be of great help if you still want to be mobile.

Walking with the dog is a great experience but sometimes you want to move faster and our best friend is not athletic enough for that. In this case we recommend you to use a bicycle trailer for dogs.

So both of you are outdoors, moving faster and enjoying the ride.

Bicycle trailer for dogs?

With a dog bike trailer, the animal is safer and less tired than being forced to follow the fast bike.

Cycling with a dog can be difficult or even dangerous, especially if the animal is not physically fit, is not well-bred or too old to keep up.

In addition, many dogs do not have the stamina to walk with their owner on a bike. You may also find it better to take him to a certain place – like the beach or the mountains – and let him walk there at his leisure and have a great time.

A bicycle trailer for dogs is a cabin with semi-transparent windows and with wheels that have a universal coupling for the rear axle of the bicycle. Inside, he usually has a non-slip mat and side windows to protect the animal from wind or rain.

Many manufacturers offer sets that can turn the dog’s bicycle trailer into a car (like a stroller) – ideal for people who need to make walking easier for the dog.

Why should you use a bicycle trailer for dogs?

There are many reasons to choose a dog bike trailer for a relaxed outing with your dog:

  • Your dog does not know how to run the bike

At puppy age, the dog does not have the stamina – and not enough discipline – and when he is full grown he may not be fit enough to walk with you easily.

  • If the route is too long

Suppose your dog is physically fit, but only on short distances. What if you want to go further with him? He can not make it to the finish!

  • Your dog does not like movement

Maybe he is old, overweight, or his race is not made for exercise, as is the case with short-headed (brachycephaly) dogs or short-legged dogs (like corgis). It is better to do most of the way with the bike trailer.

  • Your dog has health problems

Not only by age, but also in some diseases or injury after an accident or surgery, a bicycle trailer for dogs makes sense. Then you do not have to renounce by the trailer on trips by bike.

What qualities should the bicycle trailer have for dogs?

If you are convinced that a dog bike trailer is a good solution for you and your dog, then you have to choose the right model. Some points to consider are:

  • 1st size

Bicycle trailers for dogs are available in different sizes. They are more often built for small dogs like Poodle or Yorkshire. Also take into account that the maximum weight is usually only up to 20 kilos.

  • 2nd clutch

Almost all trailers have a universal coupling: a metal part, which is connected to the suspension. In addition, it is good if he has a safety belt or a leash in the event of an accident.

  • quality

This is of fundamental importance as the bicycle trailer for dogs should of course last for several years and not break within a few weeks of use.

In addition, a high quality trailer is safer for you and your dog. Robust wheels, a solid frame and a sturdy box are just some of the requirements.

If you do not have enough storage space at home, you can also take a collapsible model that will easily stow away (even under the bed or behind a piece of furniture). Do not forget to attach certain safety accessories such as reflectors, a flag or even flashing lights when driving at night.

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