6 things your dog does not like

Analyze the signals of your pet. If your dog does not feel like bringing the ball, then you should end the game.

Many treat their pets as if they were humans. They love many activities, but they do not like certain things, which will surprise some people. In this article, we’ll tell you which things your dog does not like, even though you think he likes them. You will be amazed!

Your dog does not like certain things, even if you think he likes them

It may seem funny when you do things that your dog does not like, but it is not for him. Even if your pet is the most wonderful creature on earth, there are some things he will not accept from you or from your family.

It’s hard for dogs to express their displeasure, but it’s enough to watch faces or movements. These are the things your dog does not like, even if you think you like them.

  • words

Clearly we do not speak the same language: dogs express themselves physically, people love to talk a lot, even if the others do not understand it.

Pets recognize only a few words that they hear again and again (food, walk, walk, seat, place, etc.). If your dog is to execute a command, you must go directly to him and train him accordingly so that he learns to associate the word with a particular activity.

All other explanations and discussions with your dog are pointless!

  • Very long sticks

When playing with the dog in the park or at home, sticks are used so that the dog can jump over it. That may be fun, but not your dog. He may even be scared!

In addition, your dog could injure his hind legs. Games with dogs should always be at eye level. You also should not pretend that you throw the stick to get your dog on the wrong track, it’s just frustrating for him.

  • Hugs

Of course you love your pet and would like to show it to him as you do with friends, your partner or your family. But your dog does not like hugs! You feel stressed by it.

When another animal puts its paw on the dog’s back, it’s synonymous with dominance, not love. Even if you are the “leader of the pack,” you should forgo it.

Even though he has never reacted badly, this can change unexpectedly someday. Many dogs bite or attack in a similar situation because they defend themselves unconsciously.

  • caresses (when he is afraid)

If you pet your pet gently, it feels loved, and will certainly ask for more when you stop caressing. However, when it feels threatened or frightened, a caress becomes a warning sign that “something is not right.”

For example, during a storm or at parties, your dog is probably scared. Do not make the mistake of caressing or embracing him, because that will increase his fears and despair.

He thinks, “Something terrible has happened, so they are more concerned about me than ever.”

  • Look into the eyes

This applies to dogs we do not know because this “gesture” is considered a threat or threat. For dogs, eye contact is very important, and if it takes too long, it can cause nervousness and discomfort. Maybe he even wants to attack you if you approach him.

  • Games with repetitions

As mentioned earlier, dogs do not like jumping over a stick, but there are other games that are not fun for them. At the beginning a ball game may be entertaining, but after the 5th time it gets boring to search the ball and your dog is tired. You should not force him to keep going.

Analyze the signals of your pet. If your dog does not feel like bringing the ball, then you should end the game.

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